For Immediate Release

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Katie Graunke

Stone Design Ships CREATE(TM)
For all flavors of Yellow Box and Rhapsody

San Francisco CA - January 5, 1998 - Long time NeXTSTEP/OpenStep/Rhapsody software house, Stone Design Corp, announced the availablilty of its drawing and web design package
Create 4.2.3 for all versions of Rhapsody, including Yellow Box for Windows, Rhapsody Developer Release 1 for PPC and Intel, and OpenStep 4.x for Windows and MACH: Intel, Motorola and SPARC.

A fully functional demonstration version of Create 4.2.3 can be
downloaded from the Stone Design website ( with a temporary full strength license good until February 12, 1998.

Andrew Stone, CEO of Stone Design said, "We believe in 'Try before you buy', and we know that Create for Yellow Box is the fastest, most reliable version of the software ever released! Experience the object edge today."

"Create is not only the most versatile drawing and web page authoring software on the market today, it's available on all the major platforms, conclusively proving Apple's cross platform claims for Yellow Box," said Katie Graunke, Marketing Director for Stone Design. "Visit the Stone Design website and check out Create for yourself."

Available now from the Stone Design website,, Create has an introductory price of $249 per license, with academic and student pricing for those who qualify.

Stone Design Corp. in Albuquerque, New Mexico was formed in 1984 and was the first developer to ship a product on NeXT hardware in 1989 with the release of TextArt. Since then, Stone Design has been a leader in innovative shrinkwrap software in the NEXTSTEP and OpenStep marketplace. Like a rock, Stone is committed to Rhapsody/Yellow Box development.