What's NeXT? Software, Psychedelics and the Origins of OS X & iOS - Andrew C Stone @twittelator
these advances, people were not buying the machines.

That did not damper the true believers spirits though, and in karmic retribution for taking NSA money (albeit through an anonymous sounding outfit in some podunk place in Texas), in October 1992 we decided to throw a big psychedelic bash to launch 3D Reality and bring the community together at the Palace of Fine Arts for an evening of ambience and ambient sounds, what became known as the First of the Stone Raves.

In 1990, I had met John Perry Barlow when he interviewed me for NeXTWorld Magazine - and being deadheads running cubes, we became fast friends.

The early '90's witnessed another psychedelic renaissance in San Francisco, and the deadheads for whom LSD had never fallen from grace, were happy to introduce a whole other segment of society to psychedelics.

Burning Man is in its tribal infancy, "Raves" are just becoming a thing, Sasha Shulgin has begun synthesizing interesting new compounds like 2CB, and Terrence McKenna is becoming a household name.

There is renewed interest in a most unusual substance - unusual because it's also produced naturally within us - DiMethylTriptamine - DMT.

So inviting Barlow's bay area pals like Grateful Dead guitarist Bobby Weir and musician Todd Ruddgren and cypherpunk pal John Gilmore and their friends was a lovely complement to the NeXT engineers, NeXT third party developers and our pals from the NSA.

But much wetware was patched that night and I believe some new circuitry created. Barlow & I were doing our job to keep the Mysticism alive and well.

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