What's NeXT? Software, Psychedelics and the Origins of OS X & iOS - Andrew C Stone @twittelator

And what's so ironic is that it's the citizens who are streaming the live data of their own lives openly and notoriously through facebook and twitter.

But now we are confronted with a true test of our morality and faith - On
March 10 2015, Jeremy Scahill of the Intercept, published some Snowden documents that show the CIA and Sandia National Labs - alas, from my home town of Albuquerque - have hacked the iPhone and iPad.

But what is so egregious, so immoral, so unethical that it staggers the imagination, our Federal Government was invading iOS Developer's machines, inserting key loggers and Whacking XCODE to insert malware and spyware onto any iPhone which has installed the Developer's apps.

What this means is that the US GOV has risked the credibility of all iOS developers and Apple - TRUST is something that is so valuable, that once it is lost - it is almost impossible to regain.

Where is the media to cover this? Shall we pretend that none of this is happening, that there is not Homeland Security everywhere there are philosophers and people of conscience - including here?

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