What's NeXT? Software, Psychedelics and the Origins of OS X & iOS - Andrew C Stone @twittelator
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In 2007, The Spirit Molecule's success led Austin filmmaker Mitch Schultz to make an indy movie base on the book - interviewing Dr. Strassman, some of the volunteers, and notables from the greater psychedelic community. An interesting format and it became a top documentary download in 2010 when it finally got distribution.

And, as all seems to be doom and gloom in the NeXT World, a miracle happens - Dec 20th 1996, Apple buys Next for 428 Million dollars and 1.5 million shares of Apple stock.
Someone asks me, what does this mean? My instant response "I think I just got a raise". Now my software could be used by millions of users! Little did I know then that it would it be five years before Mac OS X 1.0 shipped, and 10 years before it was completely accepted by old Mac users.

Apple calls me, sends me to Redwood City NeXT HQ, gives me a cubicle for 24 hours and access to Jean-Marie Hullot's special espresso machine and a PPC running OpenStep. The port is done by dawn, and then I got to demo Create running on PPC at 1997 MacWorld Boston at the keynote given by Guy Kawasaki - Gil Amelio is still the CEO - Steve has not yet transitioned back to CEO, but a decade later, once again I'm a Mac developer and leading the charge of object-oriented programming.

NeXTStep had become OpenStep, then Mac OS X and now iOS - something almost unheard of in software engineering, something magical - a technology not only survives 25 years but thrives and evolves and the NeXT community gets to use it's sharply honed ObjectiveC and XCode skills

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