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Welcome to Stone Design's iPhoto to PhotoToWeb Export Plugin
Have you ever wanted to go beyond iPhoto’s limited HTML production and make elaborate, multi-level websites? Well, that’s what PhotoToWeb can do for you!

What does the iPhoto to PhotoToWeb Export Plugin do?
The PhotoToWeb Export Plugin allows you to quickly build
PhotoToWeb albums from your iPhoto photos - and then you can create professional web sites, thumbnails or slideshows.

Apple iPhoto software, Stone Design's
PhotoToWeb 1.4.2 or later, Mac OS X 10.1.2 or later.

Download the PhotoToWeb Export Plugin. Mount the disc image. Locate the iPhoto application, highlight its icon, and select Get Information from the File menu. Select the Plugins pane from the popup menu. Click the Add button, and select the "PhotoToWebExport.iPhotoExporter" folder on the mounted disc image. The Plugins window might not update immediately - close and reopen the Get Information window if necessary. Launch iPhoto.

How do you export to PhotoToWeb?
It's easy! Select what you'd like to include in your new PhotoToWeb album. You can pick individual pictures or rolls. Click the Share button in iPhoto, then the Export button. Choose the PhotoToWeb® tab. Click Export and provide a name. You're ready to build professional websites, slideshows and thumbnails from your photos!


Q: How much does the PhotoToWeb Export Plugin cost?
A: It's free. That means it's also unsupported.

Q: How does PhotoToWeb store images?
A: It doesn't - it simply uses the path to the photo, so no additional space on your hard disk is required. We recommend not changing the name of the photo file in PhotoToWeb so as not to upset iPhoto’s internal representations - but you can assign a visible title for the web site.

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