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Reagan era cast a shadow of darkness over alternative energy, a price we are still paying today.

I first got my hands on a Macintosh 512 in 1985, and though it was tiny and cute, as a designer / builder, I fell in love. It let me produce stunningly perfect working drawings - something my poor handwriting skills wouldn't allow. So thus began my journey of the machine/man synergy.

Within two years I wanted to transition from building passive solar adobe structures to writing software - all because of a new user-focused authoring environment called HyperCard. One of my first 'stacks' was "The Mayan Icons" - the idea of bringing alive ancient knowledge with the latest technology was now made possible.

Bulletin Boards, the predecessor of the internet, were just becoming popular - and I found my answer to "Where had all the Hippies gone?" - ONLINE! I was totally revitalized by this emergent cyber reality, and began taking computer science courses to move from hobbyist to pro. Having my university account meant being able to spend hours on UUNET's comp.sys.mac and comp.sys.mac.hypercard, where I began hearing talk of the NeXT Computer.
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