Twittelator v 5 Help
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        Following anyone        Translate
        Adding Map and Photo
        Pasting in links or tweets
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        Wide Tweeting | TwitLonger
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Searching                Mystery of Misc
        Simple | Advanced | Stocks | Trends
        Reading | Writing | GPS | Image
        Autorefresh | Sub Groups | Instapaper

Log                Saving Sets of Tweets
1. Tap Tweet body for expanded Tweet options
- or -
Tap and Hold for instant reply, RT, fav options

2. Tap username or avatar to see their profile,

3. If it’s a Retweet, you’ll who did it - tap their name at the bottom of the tweet to see their profile.

What’s New in V4.7 ?

Uses new Twitter permissions and web authorization page
Old accounts must be updated.

Post to Facebook Wall
Settings -> Services -> Facebook - you can optionally turn it on and off in the compose window too!

Inline support for Plixi &

Upload photos to Plixi

Shows most popular tweets in a search
- turn off in Settings Advanced

Optimized for iOS4

Available in:
English, Français, Deutsch, Español, 日本語

350 twitter server accesses / hour
(up from 150)

Every timeline has search
- you'll see a new search field at the top of every timeline, just start typing to find tweets with that word.

Geotag by neighborhood or city - to protect your privacy, you can now select the level of proximity in Settings, GPS: Exact (your latitude/longitude), Neighborhood or City

Open location in Maps app
is a new option when you are in a map from tapping Users's location or geotag pin.

Regional Trends:
Tap More -> Trends, Regional Trends to see locations starting with those nearest to you.

mobilizers will take the pages you are surfing and run them through a mobile-specific filter which lets pages load faster and are better formatted for the iPhone. Settings -> Browse Web -> Mobilizer to set it up. We provide a one-tap Google mobilizer to make it easy, but you can enter any path to a known mobilizer. Be sure to include '%@' in the format string where the actual URL goes. Your mileage may vary!

OmniFocus Integration:
send tweets or links to OmniFocus by choosing OmniFocus in Settings -> Link Saving Service - of course, OmniFocus must be installed, and remember, it will quit Twittelator and launch OmniFocus.

Better Maps:
Getting a map of a latitude/longitude will now show the placename in the title of the map. Plus you get a new option to Search Nearby that place. TIP: press and hold to do a Nearyby search as well.

Search People:
in User Details or from Search -> Find People will look for both people's names and their twitter names for better coverage.

You can launch Twittelator with a search like this:
twit:///search?q=twittelator More info on the Twittelator Api

Copy Tweet:
in Options after tapping name in Tweet, you can now scroll long tweets. Tap and hold to get the Select menu, drag out to copy the portion of the tweet you want.

in Search -> Find Lists as you browse through topics, the top entry is a Superlist or a list made of the top tweeters in that category.

By popular demand, new emojis:

Dedicated Browser:
a persistent Browse Web category where you can surf, google and gather links to tweet.

Autosaved Movies: movies you film in Twittelator are not only uploaded, but saved to your Photos Library as well.

Paste Images: copy images from other apps like SMS or in Twittelator's Avatar & Photo Viewing windows, and paste them via Media button in Tweet window to upload pasted image with your tweet.

Media Uploads won't time out: we make sure your movie, audio or image has uploaded.

Finding Lists Enhanced: find interesting lists to join via topic and sub topic, or via search using our TList's integration - or find a random list via Feeling Lucky. Search -> Find Lists

Filter searches to your language: option to narrow tweets to your language (based on the order of your languages in Apple's Settings app, International, Language). Turn on in Settings

TextExpander: Supports
TextExpander touch snippet expansion

Tweet the playing song and album art: Tap media button in Compose, choose "Playing Song Info". If it has art, it's automatically included - you can tap the media button again to rid the media.
Messages are stored on your phone - so you can tap the bubble on any message and see the last conversations between you and the other person.

Compose displays responded tweet: pull down on the compose window to reveal the tweet you are responding to - really useful:
Drag down top tweet to refresh: pull down on top tweet to reveal new refresher controls. When it says 'Release to Refresh', release. You cancel by dragging back up before releasing.
Drag up on last tweet to get more: in a like manner, you can get more tweets by pulling up on the bottom tweet.

Update your bio: in My Profile, tap your bio info to go to a panel where you can edit your bio, location, and name that appears in tweets. Remember, tap your avatar to change the photo.

Geotag Pin now appears right on the tweet that has one - tap it to see the map of where it came from:
Show Only Geotagged Tweets in Nearby option in settings so you get only bona fide geotagged tweets as opposed to Locations that are also near.

Movapic and TweetPhoto photos appear in line with the other inline photo services

Search -> Find People lets you find people by their real name, just like Twitter's People Search.
#hashtags when you tap paperclip, give you an option to see the definition of that hashtag
Email Tweet option now lets you also email entire list of tweets, and they are sent with avatar and links in a rich format

Options is cleaner and contains Save Tweets button. Swipe right to bring up options

Swipe Left to bring up User details of tweeter or anyone mentioned.

Twitter Lists: these replace Sub Groups - and are faster, cheaper and portable! Learn more >

Reply All: tap avatar in a tweet with mentions and tap new action "Reply All"

Trends -> What the Trend? explains just why a trend is trending - very useful & interesting!

User details -> Services introduces 5 services:
        FollowCost, TweetBlocker,        Tweeteorites
        and favstar - check 'em out!

Find tweets Nearby to anywhere!
        Search -> Nearby, tap toolbar, enter location

Tap and hold any map to find tweets from there!

Report As Spammer option in User Details, Mute

Change your Avatar anytime! Just tap your own picture in "My Profile" to choose photo.

Tap link icon to see entire TwitLonger ( right in the tweet itself!

Find Great Lists and Tweeters via TList! Access from Lists or Search:
New for 3.3: Custom Themes you make & share See Search Find Themes to see every tweeted theme & search them too! Just tap Paperclip to install one.

Search Nearby Tweets on Google Maps!
turn it on in Settings under GPS Options:
HINT: Tap on the top tool bar for new search or different location. Tap & hold does new search.
New, juicier application icon!

Note: you need iPhone OS version 3.0 or greater to run Twittelator Pro Version 3.1! Use iTunes to update.

Record/Tweet Video on 3G[S]

Record/Tweet Audio

Choose upload services separately:
If you choose TwitVid as your video upload, you can also configure co-Posting of your video to YouTube - tap the YouTube button to configure - be sure to enter a valid YouTube username and password. You can turn on and off the co-posting of video with the On-Off switch!
To translate a tweet, simply tap the name in the tweet to bring up the Options, and tap the two flags:
If you want to copy just part of the tweet, you can tap and hold which brings up magnifying glass, release to see the Select | Select All menu, and tap Select to grab what you want, then tap Copy. Tap Done on keyboard to return to options.
After you send a tweet or message, a self-dismissing (after a second) panel pops up to tell you that it's been posted successfully:
When you write Tweets and Messages that are greater than 140 characters, you can of course try and shrink them by tapping the ⇒⇐ tweet shrink button. If they are still over 140 characters, you'll get an option to either automatically split them into two, or to send them via a new service TwitLonger which creates a webpage that your tweet or message is automatically linked to:
FYI on v3.1 new features: - Mute allows you temporarily ignore posts by noisy tw... Read More:
Readers can tap the Read More: link to see the rest of the tweet.
More power has been added to the User Detail panel, including the ability to temporarily Mute users (without unfollowing them). When muted, their tweets are omitted from your Friends timeline (but you still get @mentions and DM's from them). That's useful when they are tweeting too much!
Note you can report a tweeter as a Spammer to - although what they do with that info is not known! This also adds that person to your Blocked Users list.

You can now zoom and pan the big Avatar and full screen images - tap the actions button to save and copy!
You can turn on the handy "Shake to Refresh" option:
Another handy option is Status Bar Scrolls to Top with a single tap of the very top status bar - double-tap the top tool bar does this in any case:
Web browsing has been greatly optimized and can play video, audio and other media right in the app. Clicking mailto: links lets you send email with Twittelator too!
240 colorful emoji along with 320 dingbats to spice up your tweets. Note: Emoji’s are only visible on iPhones/Touches and Japanese mobile devices.
Copy/Paste/Select/Select All text:
        Just tap, hold, release in Compose for options
To select just part, tap Select:
You can tap and drag blue selection points:
Paste Photo into tweet: if there is image on clipboard, the glue bottle button will appear - tap it to include photo.

See street map, satellite map or hybrid map of any tweeter’s location - just tap on their location in User Details.
You can show the map as a street map, a satellite map or a hybrid combination of the two - pinch out to zoom in, pinch in to zoom out:
Placename location setting now uses Google’s Reverse Geocoding for better results worldwide. Placenames are quite vague if you don’t want to give out your exact location. Google map URLs are shown in Maps too!

In Application Mailing lets you send email without leaving the program:
New Features in v3.0.1:

Copy image option in Big Avatar view & large Photo view
User detail shows date they joined Twitter
If a link is a Google map, it's opened in the Maps interface
Snapshots are automatically saved to Photo Gallery
ReadItLater displays the tweet that the link came from
Uploading continues next launch if you quit during upload
Configure Twittelator to access your favorite items on the tab bar:

1. Tap “More” on Tab Bar (3 dots):
2. Tap “Edit” button:
3. Tap & drag an item from the upper area onto desired location on the tab bar - it will glow when accepted. Note: You can’t remove items from the bar, only drop new ones on top of them
4. Tap Done when done.                 TOC
Tap a category like Friends, Mentions, Messages etc. You’ll see how many unread tweets you have. Tap the top tool bar to page up - double-tap to go to top of tweets. Tap refresh if you want to see if any new ones came in
         (see Settings for Autorefresh):

Tap name, and then Save Tweets to save one or all tweets for reading offline or archiving.

For sunny conditions, try Dove theme:
For night use, you may like Raven theme:
Design your own Tweet Themes too:
To go back further in time and load more tweets, simply tap “more” button at the bottom:
Friends tints tweets by you with rose tint, and tweets that mention you mint tint. Helps you find your tweets and mentions quickly!

Search results also show these!

Hint: tap the name in Toolbar to bring up the User Detail

Hint: tap the Flags to translate the tweet to your language

Hint: tap Map pin to see Google map of tweet location
If you posted this tweet or message, you’ll see a delete button. Copy Link to Tweet - great for short retweeting! Go to Settings to configure your Instapaper/Read It Later account where you can save links you see for later reading. If a tweet has a link, you’ll see the “Copy Link” option. You can Delete DM’s or Tweets you wrote.
Tapping the Paperclip, Speaker or Video loads Twittelator’s built-in web browser.

You can then
Open In Safari, Email link, Copy link, Open Any Link..., Go Back or Add it to Instapaper/Read it Later by tapping Actions button in upper right corner of web browser - you can also rotate browser:
Tap the mini pic (or paperclip) to see the image full screen - tap Actions to save image to your library or to copy to clipboard:
Pinch to zoom in! Tap the Action button to bring up options:
User Details

Learn all about a user, their friends and followers, and start following and bookmark. Note: if they are following you, you'll see the DM (Private Message) button and you can DM them!
When you tap the Detail photo, their large avatar image appears (be patient on Edge!) Tap the Actions button to save or copy the image - zoom by pinch!
If you have a tweet from someone you want to follow, you tap their photo, and choose “Start Followng” - but what if you have their screen name but no tweet? Go to any User Detail panel (like My Profile in Misc, or tap any photo in a tweet), and then click on Magnifying Glass:
“Search for Any User”
In the returned tweets, tap their picture, and tap Start Following!
Tap Mute / Block / Notify to mute/unmute and block/unblock a user and change whether you get notifications when a user DM’s you. Note: go to settings to change whether notifications TXT or EMAIL you!
To see your entire list of muted users, tap “Muted Users” - you can then un-mute them. Muting keeps this person's tweets out of your Friends timeline and is useful if they are tweeting too much, but you don't want to unfollow them.

To see your entire list of blocked users, tap “Blocked Users” - you can then unblock them. Report as Spammer notifies Twitter and also blocks the user.
Note: Notifications only apply to people you are following.
Writing Tweets
Compose a new tweet in several ways:
Tap the New Tweet button:
(tap toolbar to retrieve drafts)
Tap Time to Reply to a tweet (or DM if a DM) :
Tap tweeter’s name and then choose:

To Re-Tweet, tap the Re-Tweet button:
If you are viewing a user’s Detail page, you can tap either of these:
That brings up the New Tweet/Message window:                 ⇢⇠ shrinks tweet & links
                (Tap it again to undo shortening)
        # lets you insert #tags you’ve used before
Tap the media button to insert a photo or video, take a snapshot, record audio and record video

Tap record button to start recording/ stop recording or re-record. Tap Play to hear clip. Tap Use Audio check mark to include the audio in your tweet. Currently, only MobyPicture supports audio uploads - this is set for you automatically.
Tap @friends to bring up Search:

Tap and drag A-Z to quickly get to a letter
Tap field and type to narrow search
Tap an entry to enter @NAME and dismiss
Tap Cancel to dismiss

When you tap Cancel or Send, you get an option to save the current tweet as a Draft. You can have as many as you like - tap top toolbar to choose one:
Tap a draft to enter it into the compose window. Tap Checkbox to make draft “persistent” - it won’t be autodeleted on send so you can reuse it!.
Change Accounts: If you have multiple accounts, tap “Drafts” to change accounts “mid-compose”. Tap Edit to delete a draft. Drafts are automatically deleted when you use and send a draft, and updated if you save a draft after editing it some more.

1. It takes your phone about a minute to get a really good GPS location - so you may get a delay after tapping the Map button - be patient!

2. Taking snapshots is very memory intensive! You can get best results by using Camera app to take photos and just choose them from your Library within Twittelator.

3. To copy something to paste, tap Tweeter’s Name in any tweet - and choose Copy or Copy Link if there is a link in the tweet.

4. Did you know you can start a new Tweet from Safari? In Settings, you’ll see an item “Tweet From Safari” which instructs you on setting up a bookmarklet to make it very easy to send a link from Safari to Twittelator.

5. Automatic Double-Tweeting! If you are sending a New Tweet or Reply, you can type in up to about 240 characters (you’ll see -120!) and Twittelator will send out your tweet as 2 tweets or TwitLonger

6. Private Photos: If you attach a photo to a Direct Message
, it will be sent using Pikchur or MobyPicture - they support Private (DM) Photos.

7. Messages are queued and if they fail, will be resent later - see also “
Message Queue”.

You can turn your phone sideways to get a wide landscape keyboard: (or not!)
Dingbats, arrows, Hebrew, zodiac and more!

Your masterpiece is done! Tap Send
If your tweet has any long links in it, you’ll see this panel after clicking Send (of course, you could have tapped the ⇢⇠ button which also attempts to shrink the tweet URL’s length)
Choose “Shorten Links Then Edit” to recover many characters so you can make your tweet even more illustrious! You have 5 choices of link shorteners in Settings -,,,,
When you send a tweet, it’s automatically queued for sending. Should it fail - such as when you send a tweet but are not connected to the Internet (think iPod Touch or Airplane), Twittelator Pro will keep trying to resend them until successful. When you quit with pending tweets, they are saved for sending next launch. When this happens you’ll see a badge on the Twittelator Pro icon:

2 queued messages to send. If you have multiple accounts, the message will get sent when you change back to the account it was originally sent from.
To remove 'stuck tweets' - Settings -> Image Options -> Clear Image Cache also clears tweets.
You can have as many Twitter accounts as you like - and even accounts on! When you first start Twittelator, you are prompted for your username and password. Be sure to type these in exactly - or you won’t be able to connect! If you have trouble, try editing the account:
1. Tap “Accounts” in More:

2. Tap the Blue > Chevron:
3. If you have multiple accounts, select one to start using it. Tweets will be autorefreshed and the account will now appear in More & title bar:
4. To add an account, tap Add Account, then tap the button:
Then, switch on Use switch:
It will appear with extra ( after it:
5. You can quickly switch accounts from the New Tweet window: Tap toolbar to bring up Drafts, tap Drafts toolbar to change accounts!
User Detail of current account is available under MoreMy Profile:
Hint: Tap your avatar to change it!

Lists let you track smaller groups of twitterers so you don't miss a tweet. now supports lists so the lists you create in Twittelator are visible at and vice versa.

Tap My Lists under More to get started:
There are 3 types of lists: the lists you create (Mine), the lists you have subscribed to (I follow), and the lists that are following you (Following me). You can see another user's lists by tapping Lists in their User details panel.

+ to create a new List and you’ll see the List Editor:
Give the list a name, optionally a description, and if you like, make it Private - ie, not visible to others. Then you can start adding people either by typing in their name or simply choosing them from your contacts by tapping Search:
Tap Done to create (or later to edit) the list. Look for it under "Mine":
Tap a list to load the tweets from that list. Tapping the blue chevron > shows the list's detail, where you can also Delete or Edit it, if its yours:
or start following it if it's someone else's list:
Note: each account will have its own set of lists since lists belong to an account.
Note: if you had subgroups from an earlier version of Twittelator Pro, you can migrate the to lists when your first launch V3.4 or later.
One of Twittelator Pro’s most powerful features is the ability to search the Twitterverse and have those searches be persistent for instant recall later. If you use Search a lot, you might want to Configure it to the main Tab Bar! For simple search, just tap the Search Bar, enter your query and tap Search on the keyboard. For advanced, tap the • • • icon:

To find tweeters nearby, tap “Nearby”. You’ll learn more about configuring nearby searches below - radius is taken by last value used in Advanced location search.

As your searches build up, you can tap “Edit” to delete or reorganize them.
Advanced Search gives you access to the entire API in a compact form.

Notice the top searchbar and second search field have the ability to search different ways:
All means each word in the search query must appear in the found tweets. Exact means tweets must match exactly, None means not in tweet, and Any means all tweets which have any of the words in the search.

Use the second textfield to look for tweets About, To, From any given tweeter. Use Tags to search for hashtags like #twiku

Did you know that tweets with #hashtags have the PaperClip active - tapping it causes a new search on that #hashtag for you!

You can get more precision or generality by tapping the “Location” choice from Dates Location Options and entering the radius of the search. Tap the Miles text to toggle to Kilometers if you prefer. Switching on “
Nearby Current Location” adds your current location to the search options. Remember, you get most accurate searches by waiting about a minute after you launch Twittelator Pro! Future “Nearby” searches use these values.

Because you can add together options to create very refined searches, you must tap Search button after you are done configuring it. Note the X button to make a fresh empty search.

Dates find tweets between an optional Since (start) date and optional Until (end) date - tap to set:
Options lets you look for tweets with Positive opinions (happy face / smiley ;-) :-] ) tweets and Negative opinions (unhappy face / frowny :<[
Link returns tweets with links in them, and ??? tweets with one or more questions in them.

The bottom category in More is Misc. People ask us all the time, what is that for? Actually, it’s a placeholder for searches, stocks, trends, favorites, and other people’s tweets - that’s where the tweets from those requests end up.
If you add Misc to your Tab Bar, and then run a Stock search and you turn Autofresh on, you can get constant updates on that stock, search or trend:
This turns Twittelator Pro into a real time feed machine! Whenever you launch Twittelator, any item on the Tab Bar is refreshed automatically.

You can build your own portfolio of stocks that retrieve the latest tweets on a given symbol. Tap Stocks under More:
The first time you search on a symbol - example GOOG, the stock is added to your portfolio. You don’t have to add the $ before the stock - it’s added automatically.To limit your search to multiple stocks, use this form (OR must be uppercase):

Just as in Searches, you can edit the list, reorder it and delete unwanted entries.

Follow mentions of Dow Industrial Average. Type in $DIA
Read this to make real time feed!
Choose from Now, Daily or Weekly to see how Trends have evolved - or choose Featured Tweeters ( chooses these tweeps)
Tapping a trend performs a new search to retrieve the latest tweets on this topic. It’s a great way to meet new people and expand your horizons in ways you have never conceived of before!
What the Trend? explains why a topic is trending.
One interesting avenue of exploration is to see what others consider their favorite tweets. You can add your own Favorites by tapping the name on a desirable tweet, and choosing “Favorite Tweet”:
Now, you’ll see a little star on that tweet. If you tire of that Favorite, by selecting the name again, you can Unfavorite it!
Visiting Tweeter’s favorites is easy - if you tap their Photo and look at their Details, you can visit their favorites by tapping the Star button:
Twittelator Pro automatically adds people to the Favorites category during a session when view a User's details.
This also adds the person to Recents for more exploration. To dive into your favorites or anyone you have “touched” recently:
This gives you immediate access to your own favorites as well:

Recents are tweets that you tap and hold the text of a tweet for a 1/2 second until it flashes. Then, you can dive into the latest tweets of that person by visiting the Recents item in More:
These are added freshly each session with Twittelator - use Bookmarks for persistence between sessions.

Bookmarks are persistent links to retrieve any tweeter’s most recent tweets. These might be opinion leaders from whom you don’t want to miss a single tweet - or maybe one of your special friends. To add a bookmark, simply tap Bookmark Icon in User Detail panel (toggle to remove!)
If they are in your list of Bookmarks, that button is checked - tap again to remove. Just tap the Bookmarks category under More to see them:
To remove a Bookmark tap the Edit button and you can reorder them as well as delete them.

Settings unlock the true power of Twittelator Pro because they give you the tools to customize the app to your own personal tastes, needs & desires. When you first start Twittelator Pro, you’ll see the Settings tab in position 4 to the left of More:
You may want to free up this valuable real estate on the Tab Bar by Customizing Tab Bar with your Lists or a search or who knows?

You can see the version of Twittelator Pro and get instant access to this Help page at the top:
Throw me a lifeline, @twittelator!

Select how many tweets you want loaded at launch and each refresh (although Twittelator optimizes the call to the server by only grabbing tweets since the newest one already downloaded):
For faster launches, choose 20 - you can always tap “more” button to get more! Choosing 200 can make things a bit sluggish - it’s a trade off. Hint for iPod Touch users: set it to 200 when you are connected via Wireless, refresh all cateogories, and then you can read while you are traveling and not connected to the internet by Saving Tweets

Searches also can be set between 20-100 tweets:
For faster searces, choose 20 - you can always tap “more” button to get more!
Tweet Themes are useful for different lighting conditions - indoors: Gray, outside: Dove, nighttime: Raven. You can design and share you own custom themes by tapping More:
Tapping More brings up the Theme Chooser - tap a theme once to use, tap it again to begin editing it:
Tap Tweet to share this theme with others - it will create a new compose window with the theme's representation. You can quickly revert to the 3 standard themes by tapping gray, dove or raven.

To edit the order of the themes and delete themes, tap Edit in the top bar. To make a new theme, tap +. This will bring up the Theme Editor:
The theme updates as you choose fonts, fontsize or colors - tap and drag to pick a color:
Tap Done when you are happy - and don't forget to Tweet your theme to share with others!

Themes tweeted from friends appear in their full glory in your timeline:
Tap Paperclip or Tap and Hold to install this theme:
You are given an option to cancel (revert), or go to Settings to choose another theme.
Reading Tweets has five options:

Large Font which makes the tweet font much larger - great for poor viewing conditions!

Read newest to oldest which determines what happens when new tweets arrive. By default, new tweets don’t change the scroll, and you can tap the top bar to page up as you read them. But you may want to read them top down:
Just Screen Name hides tweeter’s real name - and then displays the app that posted the tweet:
Open links in Safari will quit Twittelator and launch Safari when you tap the PaperClip to follow a link. Normally, you’ll view web pages right in Twittelator Pro. While in Twittelator Pro’s web pages, you can always choose to view that page in Safari on the fly - note your other options too:
You can Email or Copy the link, you can go anywhere on the Internet with “Open Any Link...” and you can “Go Back” if you have visited other webpages when you tap the Actions button on the top right of the web page. If you have configured Instapaper or Read It Later, you can add this page to your Instapaper/RIL account.

Status Bar Scrolls to Top in one tap when on

Writing Tweets lets you control whether Apple’s spell checkr 2nd guesses yur cre8tive spellin:
Normally, you get a confirmation panel when you hit Send (because sometimes you do it by accident because the keys are close!). If you are a free-wheeling fast-tweeting kind of person, you might want to disable confirmation panel by turning Tweet without confirmation on. You won’t get the handy Save as Draft (tap Cancel for this). Hint for folks with big thumbs: turn the phone sideways to get a super wide keyboard while tweeting.

Disable Landscape Mode - for tweeting upside down in bed! Affects Web Browser as well as the New Tweet compose window!
ReTweet Options - You can post edit the tweet or use Twitter's Automatic retweet (or use Ask to make this choice each time your ReTweet:)
If Editable, choose the style of retweeting that suits you! (Or Copy Link to Tweet!)
Link Shortening Services discussed here. If you choose, you can tie your shortened URLS to your account - set this up in Other Services below the Media Upload Services
Media Upload Services lets you choose which Photo, Audio and Video sites to use.

Yfrog formats photos nicely. Both Moby and’s advantages are 1. they can GeoTag your photo if you have Auto Update Location on, 2. they also allow posting to other sites like FriendsFeed and Facebook (visit their sites to configure broadcasting to other social networks), and 3 They allow private photos attached to DM’s. Moby also supports Audio & Video. TwitGoo & TweetPhoto are new and hot! TwitPic is an old standby but gets busy. If one is not responding and you get an error message, you are automatically given a choice of another service. You are notified when the media and tweet are finished uploading - tap refresh to see it in your Friends timeline! Tap to change a service:
Drag to service you want or tap edge to cancel:
YouTube Info lets you set user/password info so TwitVid, if selected as video service, will co-upload the video to YouTube.

Other Services lets you configure your account and your WordPress location for uploading photos to your own WordPress site with the
TweetPress PlugIn.
Image Options lets you choose to upload full resolution photos (warning - this can take a long time on the edge network! Faster on WiFi).
Twittelator Pro caches your friends’ avatars to reduce network usage and increase speed on launch and display. However, if they replace their avatar and use the same old name for the image, then you might see an out of date avatar. Simply tap the Clear Image Cache button to start anew.

GPS & Location lets iPhone users take advantage of some great features. To totally disable GPS, turn off the Use GPS switch.
Auto Update Location will set your twitter profile’s location field whenever you launch Twittelator - this is good so nearby tweeters can find you! Heck, the government knows where you are, why not let your friends know too?

Placenames attempts to provide the location with the name of your neighborhood, village or city as well as the state. Not always perfect, it’s a bit more readable than raw Lattitude/Longitude which are most accurate.

Load Map On Launch might be useful if you are tweeting your location as you move about. As soon as it gets a good GPS location, a new tweet is composed with a link to the Google map of your location, handily shortened via your choice of
Link Shortening Service.

For fastest launches, turn on Launch Loads Active Only - normally Twittelator loads all the categories on Tab Bar but that can slow launch.
Also set number tweets to 20 for fastest launch - you can always tap More to get more!

Power users can really use up their limited server accesses per hour fast by turning these on! Refresh refreshes Favs makes every refresh - whether by manually tapping Refresh icon or when Auto Refresh is on - update each category on the Tab Bar - that is up to four separate categories of tweets. Use sparingly or face being locked out of for the rest of the hour - setting the refresh interval to 5 or 10 will definitely help if you also have Auto Refresh on. Shake to Refresh lets you shake phone to cause refresh!
Auto Refresh causes Twittelator Pro to poll the server at the interval in minutes that you select above. You can optionally have a sound play if new tweets were downloaded. Note, Twittelator may “stall” a bit when new tweets come in - turn this off if you don’t like that!

When autorefresh is on, and new tweets come in, you can be alerted with your choice of sound:
When a tweet goes out, you'll hear the swoosh sound if Play Sound on Send is on, and you'll see a self-dismissing popup for 2 seconds if Show Popup on Send is on. Choose your sound from Hawk or Jet!

If you’re Internet connection is spotty, you might get a lot of dialogs informing you that the network is down or there was a problem. Simply turn this switch On to inhibit those warnings. Serious issues will still be brought to your attention:

Two wonderful third party service and keep track of web pages that you might find in Twittelator Pro but don’t want to read now. You’ll need to first go to either or & create an account. Once you have that, choose which service and then tap the button after the service to configure your account information for posting use by Twittelator:
Note, after entering your info and clicking Done, you may notice a few second delay while your credentials are being validated.

You can save links by tapping name in tweet or actions icon in Web Browser.

When you are in Safari and want to tweet the link of the page you are on, you can simply place twit:// before the web address in the top field, and tap Go. But there’s even a slicker way to do it with Bookmarklets! We’ve created a step by step tutorial on how to create one, and you can access it by tapping the Add Safari Bookmarklet button:
Note: Twittelator Pro will exit and Safari will launch when you tap this button, because you create the bookmarklet in Safari!

Twittelator Pro keeps track of the network traffic with and logs the info to Log. If you are getting error messages, you might refer to the Log to find out more specific information.
Tap Trash to empty the log. Tap Refresh to reload it, and tap between them to scroll to the bottom.

Twittelator Pro lets you save any set of Tweets for later viewing - online or offline! This is fantastic for Touch users who may have limited access to wireless but want to read tweets later. Or you find some interesting search results, or....

Tap Name in Tweet to bring up Options: and tap Save Tweets to bring up your options:
Save This Tweet adds tapped tweet to the session’s Singles. Save Tweets will save the current set of tweets. Save All Categories will save each set of tweets on the main Tab Bar as well as the current set if it’s not on the main Tab Bar. The resulting files can be seen under the Saved menu in More:
The tweets are saved to their category for later retrieval, viewing and if you want, deletion:
Tap Edit to delete a set of tweets. Tap one to see the tweets:
Tap Time to reply to tweeter, tap name to get all the other options - ie, it’s just like normal tweets.
What’s New in V2 ?

        like 'Contacts' via typing

DM’s over 140 characters auto split & sent as 2 DM’s

Automatic queuing
and sending of tweets
• send as multiple messages as fast as you can
• great for offline composing
• automatically sent when network comes up
• unsent messages badged on app icon when you quit
• automatically sent when you relaunch Pro

Autosave and restore any number of Drafts
• tap Top Bar in Compose to retrieve
• auto-deleted on send, auto-updated on retrieve, edit
Drafts can be made permanent: tap checkbox
Swap accounts mid-compose
• compose window shows active account if several
• tap Drafts, tap "Tap to Change" on top tool bar
• multiple accounts shows active account on launch
• we post Tweets with images for better results
• automatic notification when uploaded
• photos in a reply show conversation thread
• 6 choices of photo upload sites:
• Yfrog videos open in internal browser

Shrink Tweet and URLs while composing
• Added MobyPicture as another Photo service
• You are notified when photo uploads
        & given choice of alternate if it fails
• Automatically learns the hashtags you use for later
• Automatically adds the last replied-to people to the top
of the Friends' picker & Sub Group picker
• Added fifth URL shortenener: (also piurl,
tinyurl, &
• Instapaper adds link to the tweet link came from
• Choose from 3 retweet styles including via

⇢⇠ shrink button 2nd time to undo shortening
        upside down in bed or bath!

Added  in


Load More Tweets button at bottom of tweets list
• go back in time as far as you like!

Save any set of tweets for later viewing
        • Great for offline viewing
        • Save all Categories option
        • Archive searches, trends, etc!
        • Tap & Hold Tweet 2 seconds

Completely redesigned
User Detail much cleaner, faster:
• allows breadcrumbed drilldowns into friends of friends
Search for any user to follow anyone
• shows twitter app used by tweeter
        tap for Save Photo and Open in Browser options
        for easy finding

Added "
Read It Later" as alternate Link Save Service with Instapaper
• tap, hold tweet 2 secs just like other save tweets
• read them in Saved -> Singles
• they are stored in one file per session

See which twitter app posted tweet,
        turn on "Just Screen Names"
• it appears where full name used to
Detail shows which twitter app posted last status too!

See up to 13 @mentioned users in any tweet
        - great for #followfriday

AppStore links open in the AppStore application

Optimized Conversations to load faster

• Shortcut:
Tap time field to reply (or dm) to tweeter
• Option: display just screen names in tweets
• Option: large font size
• Option: autorefresh interval can be set
Copy Link To Tweet (for shorter retweeting)
Raven and Dove themes much better
• Incomplete links beginning with www are now hot too
• Scroll region to right of name w/o bringing up choices


My Profile" • new catorgory that's easy to find in More

3 Trends options:
Current Daily Weekly

Nearby search takes distance from last
        Advanced Location Search

Added twitgoo and twitlens to inline tweet thumbsnails
along with moby, twitpic, pikchur, yfrog.

You can now
delete DM's to you (as well as your own
tweets and DM's)

Save Photos and Avatars to your Photos library

Turn off annoying warning dialogs
        current category

When launched by bookmarklet, no auto refresh for
        instant posting

La opción 'Grupos' se encuentra ahora dentro de la pestaña 'Más'.

Características básicas:

Pulsa en el nombre del @usuario para: responder, enviar un privado, copiar o hacer un retweet.

Pulsa en la imagen del @usuario para obtener información acerca del mismo.

Pulsa en el 'clip' para abrir los enlaces, las imágenes, las #etiquetas y las ¢acciones.

Si quieres seguir una conversación, pulsa en la burbuja (bocadillo).

Para agregar a un tweeter a la pestaña 'Recientes', mantén pulsado hasta que resalte.

Si te interesa marcar como favorito o eliminar un tweet, mantén pulsado durante un segundo hasta que aparezcan las opciones indicadas.

Haz una doble pulsación en los tweets inferiores para bajar la página.

Pulsa la barra superior para subir la página.

Realiza una doble pulsación en la barra superior para hacer que la página se deslice hacia arriba (scroll).

Pulsa la pestaña 'Más' y seguidamente 'Editar' para reorganizar la barra de la pantalla principal.

Pulsa 'Ayuda' para saber más o accede siempre que quieras desde la pestaña 'Opciones'.

Mit komplett überarbeitetem GUI, Querformat-Tweeting (Landscape), superschnellem Ladevorgang, und komplett konfigurierbar: 'Gruppen' sind jetzt unter 'Mehr' zu finden

Erklärung der Grundfunktionen:

Antworten, Nachricht senden, kopieren, ReTweet, Email senden, zu Favoriten hinzufügen, zu Instapaper senden, löschen (nur für eigene Tweets):
Name des Tweeters antippen

Details des Tweeters oder @users im Text:
Bild antippen

Links, Bilder, #Tags, $Kurse aufrufen:
Büroklammer antippen

Um einer Konversation zu folgen:
"Sprechblase" antippen, falls vorhanden

Tweeter zum Verlauf hinzufügen:
Tippen und halten bis er hervorgehoben wird

Seitenweise nach unten scrollen:
Doppel-Tipp auf untere Tweets

Seitenweise nach oben scrollen:
Titelleiste antippen

Ganz nach oben scrollen:
Doppel-Tipp auf Titelleiste

Auf "Mehr" und dann auf "Bearbeiten" tippen, um die Haupt-Leiste am unteren Rand zu bearbeiten.

Für weitere Infos "Hilfe" antippen (auch im Menü "Optionen")

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