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Twittelator (free) versus Twittelator Pro
What's the difference?
V 4.7 of Twittelator(free) brings the same exact tweeting experience as Twittelator Pro v. 4.7, but has over 45 features locked when you first install this free version.

You can unlock all the Pro features in Free through a one-time in-app purchase at the same exact cost as getting Twittelator Pro, with a few simple taps. In fact, the one-time in-app purchase basically upgrades Free to Pro! Feel free to just buy Pro as an alternative to in-app purchase.

Locked Features include:

        • Multiple Accounts
        • Autorefresh
        • Customizing main tab bar
        • Custom Themes remembered
        • Loading up to 200 tweets at a time
        • Searching up to 100 tweets at a time
        • Uploading high resolution photos
        • Co-posting of videos to YouTube
        • Changing your avatar photo
        • Viewing other's avatar's fullscreen
        • New style Automatic ReTweet
        • Blocking users
        • Muting users
        • Reporting users as spammers
        • Choice of URL shortener
        • Custom account
        • WordPress uploading
        • Posterous uploading
        • FollowCost
        • TweetBlocker
        • Tweeteorites
        • favstar
        • FollowCost
        • Reading newest to oldest
        • Seeing the user's tweeting client
        • Opening links in Safari
        • Scrolling to the top via status bar tap
        • Turning off auto-correct and auto-capitalize
        • Tweeting without confirmation
        • Refresh on tweet
        • Disabling landscape mode
        • Turning off GPS
        • Geocoding of Tweets
        • Auto-updating location
        • Setting location by placename
        • Loading map on launch
        • Only loading one tab on launch
        • Refreshing all tabs automatically
        • Shake to Refresh
        • Choice of autorefresh sound
        • Choice of send sound
        • Turning off send sound
        • Turning off send popup
        • Read It Later & Instapaper Link saving service

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