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TalkingPics News: Transfer via Web Browser - Windows/Mac!
Dear TalkingPic Customers,

Yes! We listen!
Version 1.3 is here! - and it has an important feature that was not ready for Version 1.1: the ability to upload/offload your images, audio and notes from the iPhone to the Desktop - Windows or Mac via “Bonjour” - which is built into Safari (available for Mac or Windows!).

What’s new and fixed in Version 1.3 of TalkingPics?
- Faster photo saving and greater stability
- Uploading of arbitrarily large audio files
- Greatly improved upload speeds
- Mac/Windows uploads
- Compressed audio format (in .wav format)
- Enhanced Slideshow
- High resolution photo and image support
- Other minor improvements
- Requires iPhone OS 2.2
How do I upload files?

        iPhone: Version 1.3 TalkingPics
                - it’s a free update from AppStore
        Mac: Launch free Safari
        Windows: get free Safari
                or Bonjour Plugin for IE

        Network: a local network with iPhone
                                 connected via WiFi

In TalkingPics V1.2 or greater:

1. Select a Project so you see it’s entries

4. On the Desktop, launch Safari:

1. Make sure iPhone is WiFi connected
2. In Safari, select menu item:
"Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks"
3. Click on "Bonjour" in COLLECTIONS
4. Double-click "TalkingPics Project: ..."
5. Control-click links to download items
2. Tap the Export Action button:

3. Tap “Upload Project to Desktop” button
This brings up the Bonjour Panel - tap “Screenshots” for more info!:
5. Hint: Mac Users: Click on the big TalkingPics Logo to get an applescript which automates the download of all files!

6. Get Stone Design’s “
Create” to quickly make Web pages out of your project files! Get the free “Audion” to convert the core audio files to MP3, a more compact and web friendly format!

7. Want to just make a QuickTime movie out of your files? Use Stone Design’s

And - wait, that’s not all! (Everyday seems to bring new features!). And be sure to check out
iGraffiti (our painting on photos app) and Twittelator Pro - our acclaimed and free and free from ads Twitter client, and Gesture (our photo to digital painting masterpiece app).

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