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Nothing makes a software house happier than hearing of great customer successes! Got one?

With TimeEqualsMoney™, you can easily keep track of the work you do for clients - or reimbursement expenditures if you work for an organization - and instantly produce invoices and reports to get paid!
The Challenge: You are a freelance designer, attorney or anyone who has clients and projects. You need to track your time and expenses and you need to get paid.

The Solution: TimeEqualsMoney provides a friendly and easy to use interface to track work sessions on per client and/or per project basis. With one click, you can make an invoice to collect unpaid items. With another you can create full reports over any period on one or all open timecards. It’s never been easier.

Spiros Antonopoulos
is an independent and free-wheeling New York City web designer and artist. Instead of laboriously assembling bills for his clients, he uses TimeEqualsMoney and gets paid quickly!
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