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Review: iMaginator 2.0

Rick Curran and Ilene Hoffman
Tuesday, July 26th, 2005

Stone Design
$49 US
Have you ever wished you could create special effects like artists do in Adobe Photoshop? Wouldn’t it be great to do the simple effects you see in magazine ads or on TV? Effects such as adding text over a photo, blur a photo, remove the yellow or greenish colorcast caused by lighting, or lighten up a dark photo? That picture would be so much better if you could crop George out, or straighten out the building or crooked sign. Think there is nothing you can do about it without spending hundreds of dollars? Check out iMaginator from Stone Design.

Create New Art
If you have basic Mac skills, you can create some great photos with iMaginator. Use more than one effect or use one effect more than once to create dramatic photos. The best part is you see what you are doing as you apply an effect. In minutes, you can add an oval vignette, soften a picture, or create whole new art. This is not brain surgery; it is a lot of fun.

How It Works
First, you drag and drop an image from your desktop, camera or from iPhoto into iMaginator’s work area. Then apply one of the more than 108 effects you want from the menu. If you don’t like the effect you create, go to the controller and remove or modify it. If you want to change your picture, just use the slider in the controller and watch the effect on your photo as add or subtract from the effect. It couldn’t be easier. Use special effects, like distortion, color blend, and tiles, or transitions and traditional photo color editing, alone or together, to make your photos more interesting.

Budget Enhanced
Optimized for Mac OS X 10.4, iMaginator uses OpenGL and CoreImage directly. It works with older hardware by taking advantage of the CPU and Altivec, but much more slowly than in new hardware with a supported video card. With an unbeatable price point, iMaginator gives everyone the power of complete photo editing without the pain to your bank account.

Download a demo and get more information at
+ Pros: Very easy to use even for the new Mac user. You see the effect on your photo as you apply it. There are plenty of effects available. Reasonably priced. Free upgrades for life with registration.
- Cons:Optimized for Tiger and newer systems, so rather slow on older systems.

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