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“Overlying Intention”: The Rediscovery of “Lost Intention”.
Discovery of lost wisdom from the Ancients resulting in the forming of more sustainable technologies.
History: The Atlantis Cross is an emblem used by several esoteric groups which claim an Atlantean heritage- that is, they claim literal or spiritual descent from inhabitants of the fabled isle of Atlantis. The cross' design is based on Plato's description of Basileia, the Atlantean Capitol city, in Timaeus and Criteas.

Overlying Intention”: Indication of a Female.
History: Represents the planet Venus, and its corresponding alchemical metal, copper. Because of its association with Venus, it is also a symbol of femininity.

Overlying Intention”: Indication of a Male.
History: Represents the planet Mars, the red planet. It is also a symbol of masculinity.

Overlying Intention”: A Psychic connection is in process, try and “listen”.
History: Psi is a term for parapsychological phenomena derived from the Greek, psi, twenty-third letter of the Greek alphabet; from the Greek psyche, "mind, soul". Traditionally be divided into two sub categories:
Psi-Gamma - Pertaining to paranormal cognition (ESP, remote viewing, etc), and Psi-Kappa - Pertaining to paranormal action (psychokinesis, etc).

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