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“Overlying Intention”: “The Alien encounter experience seems almost like an outreach program from the cosmos to the spiritually impaired”

- Dr. John E. Mack

In the search for images to incorporate into Quantum Ouija the idea came to mind of having two specific windows. One to view a representative image of the holographic universe paradigm, and in the other a representative image of a non-human highly evolved “Entity” more as a guide, advisor, visitor, or encounter in a shamanistic sense. An image that might be representative of what has been described in so much of human history including Elves, Faeries, Angles, Aliens, etc., and just about anything paranormal and non-human. Something like the entities author, philosopher, and ethnobotanist Terrance McKenna describes as “self transforming machine elves” or “Tykes” that he encounters during his experiments with DMT, a substance that also occurs naturally in the human brain. Entities also described by the many volunteers who participated in the DMT experiments conducted by Dr. Rick Strassman at the University of New Mexico referenced in his book “DMT the Spirit Molecule”. The image could also be representative of the entities described by the many thousands of abduction experiencer’s worldwide and as researched by Harvard Psychiatrist Dr. John E. Mack in his book “Passport to the Cosmos” and documentary film “Touched”

In the process of thinking about and looking for what might visually represent the all purpose “Entity” this image unexpectedly found its way via a third party site almost as if it wanted to be found. The reflection in the eyes was so compelling it was felt this image also wanted to be included. It seemed to possess an intensity of “Intention” unto itself excluding any consideration for how it may have been created.

Upon further research the original source of the image was found at this site with some interesting commentary by Author Whitley Strieber including it having a name, “Andy”:
By John E. Mack, M.D.
“We hear the expression "consensus reality" used to distinguish the conventional Western/Newtonian/Cartesian world view from other possible philosophies or frameworks of thought. The frequent bracketing of these words in writing and conversation implies that there is one accepted version of reality that includes a social agreement about what the mind may or may not legitimately countenance.”

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