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The Licenser Kit Feature List:

      * Runs on OS X 10.0, 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, & 10.5 - ppc and intel
      * Create floating network licenses
      * Tie license to user name
      * Tie to host ID (including Windows)
      * Allow as many users as desired
      * Have unlimited number of licenses on a network
      * Add licenses on the fly (cumulative licensing)
      * Automatically unlicense if application is moved or copied
      * Generate expiring licenses for "full strength" demos
      * Works on Yellow Box for Windows, OpenStep, Mac OS X
      * Automatically track the licenses currently in use on the network
      * Fully customizable through subclassing and interface files
      * Only you, the Developer, know the encryption code for your apps
      * Full source code for License Generation app included
      * Royalty free - use for all your apps

The License panel from Create(TM) shows a typical interface to the Licenser Kit

A sample key generation program is included so you can quickly generate all classes of keys which enable your application, including expiring keys:

NEW! Download LicenserKit PDF, a 2 page Glossy

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