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Whirlgif Man Page

Whirlgif Man Page 2
When Whirlgif processes a series of GIF files, the first file defines the so called screen size and the background color of the resulting GIF. The background color may be changed by an option.

The input files may be in either GIF87a or GIF89a format. If a GIF file contains more than one image, only the first image is read. To help saving bandwidth on the internet, there are options for forcing all GIFs in the series to use the same color map and to create sub-GIFs which only give the difference between one image and the next.

-v Verbose mode. Output is written to the error out file. This is a global option and must be given before any GIFfiles.

-trans index|color
Set the color identified with index or the color code #xxxxxx, where xxxxxx is a hex RGB index to be transparent. When this option is used as a file-option, its setting is valid for all subsequent GIFfiles, until it is used again.

-background index
Set the color identified with its index to be the background color, possibly overriding the background color defined in the first GIFfile. This is a global option and must be given before any GIFfiles.

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