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FontSight™ - the visual Font menu
FontSight™ harks back to the macos 9 days where one could actually see the typeface of any font right in the main menu. Now, every truly native OS X application - by that we mean written only for Mac OS X using Cocoa - can have this style of Font menu.

With one click you can
install or uninstall FontSight™ - and then have instant access to any font. If you have text selected in an application, it’s typeface will be set to the selected font, attempting to preserve the point size.

can set whether the menu appears in the top level Main menu or in the Format menu, as well as whether all fonts appear in one list or broken out into font families like the Font panel does. You can also print out the fonts in your system from FontSight™ Installer’s Font Preview panel. This screen shows FontSight™ in TextEdit, the one-click Installer, the About Box, and the Font Preview window.

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