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DataPhile by Stone Design

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DataPhile(TM) is a sophisticated end-user database system for NEXTSTEP users who don't need the complexities of a rigid relational database. DataPhile's intuitive interface allows anyone to build and generate reports and labels from a flatfile database, quickly and easily.

Field types include text, rich text, value, date, money, yes/no/empty, picture, sound and file (which accepts drag-and-drop of any file's icon, then accesses the file when clicked). Entry options include defaults, calculations, ranges, autogenerated sequences and entry lists. Users can define any number of fields and can add, modify or delete fields at any time.

DataPhile Screen Shot, full size

DataPhile can generate a new database from text data; if the data resides in another database, export it to a text file that DataPhile can import. The Services menu and the DataWell simplify interapplication data exchange. Use the DataWell to drag a record, EPS, PS and drop it into another application.

DataPhile's other superb features are too numerous to mention. Demo DataPhile and find out for yourself why it was named "The Best DataBase Product" in a recent Usenet survey.

DataPhile exploits the power of NEXTSTEP with extensive interapplication connectivity: drag & drop data into other apps, export to ASCII, RTF, EPS and PS formats.

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  • $695 List
  • $159 Special Price for V3.5 Y2K
  • $ 99 Upgrade from 3.1


  • Motorola now
  • Intel now
  • HP-PA RISC now
  • SPARC now

Available on CDROM with all the Stone Apps, tutorials, online manuals, TIFFS and much more! $15 demo, fully refundable on next software purchase (student purchases excluded).


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