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CheckSum(TM) by Andreas Glocker is a NEXTSTEP program for the single user or small business owner who has basic accounting needs. CheckSum tracks expenses, income, property and cash, and provides Income Statements and Balance Sheets. CheckSum balances your checkbook and prints checks.

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CheckSum provides the user with a system for managing all their various accounts (such as cash, checking, savings, credit card, property, equipment, etc.) and the ability to consolidate them into a complete financial picture, either as a Balance Sheet or a period sensitive Income Statement. Furthermore, CheckSum provides the ability to create multiple layers of categories through which one can analyze expenditures for tax or budgeting purposes.

CheckSum exploits the power of NEXTSTEP with interapplication connectivity: Export financial data to DataPhile for more sophisticated searches and reports.

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  • $195 List
  • $ 99 Special Price!


  • Motorola now
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  • HP-PA RISC now
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Available on CDROM with all the Stone Apps, tutorials, online manuals, TIFFS and much more! $15 demo, fully refundable on next software purchase (student purchases excluded).


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