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3DReality by Stone Design


3D Reality(TM) is a modeler and renderer that marries NEXTSTEP's 3DKit with Pixar's RenderMan(TM), adding an interface that is intuitive and elegant enough for novices and advanced users.

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Reality centers around six libraries of drag-and-drop entities, to which you can add custom creations for easy reuse: Shapes, Clip Art (custom shapes), Shaders, Textures, Images (TIFF and EPS images, used as backdrops or textures) and RIBs . The libraries' extensibility, combined with customizable search paths, makes it easy for users to share shapes, shaders and images.

Reality provides transform and zooming tools plus the unique InstyRender tool, which lets you render just a portion of a scene by dragging over that area. Novices will appreciate Reality's inspectors, which provide an intuitive interface to cameras, shapes, shaders and lights. Advanced users will love Reality's API, which simplifies creation of dynamically loadable shape/object bundles; and the ability to change expert defaults from

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Available on CDROM with all the Stone Apps, tutorials, online manuals, TIFFS and much more! $15 demo, fully refundable on next software purchase (student purchases excluded).


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