What Are We Building Here? Software Ethics in a Time of SurveillanceAndrew C. Stone, stone.com pdf
In fact, it's always been booted and people have been jacking into it for thousands of years. Meditation, Yoga, Martial Arts, Sacred Medecine, prayer, dance, running, painting, gardening, volunteering and music are all tried and true tools of Techgnosis that allow access to the numinous on demand. We crack the illusion of separation and isolation, and become part of something much more enduring, wondrous and freeing.

The Vedic sages even had a term for this particular vision -
Indra's Net - revealing the holographic nature of the universe, the interconnectedness of all things, the lack of a substantive "self" and the notion of non-locality.

As programmers, you'll understand that we are basically patching our brains to be able increase functionality and the sublter senses like empathy and compassion. Together, we are The Computer and we are just learning how to operate it. The emergent behavior of expanding human consciousness is unknown by definition, but it seems to have an interesting effect of cracking the manufactured consent of consumerism. We as individual, encrypted, decentralized nodes are forming something new and unpredictable.

I still believe that computers and technology are great tools, but they have become a Golden Calf, receiving the misguided worship of the masses. See if you can become conscious of your device usage and if you can reduce it by taking an opportunity to become more present in your physical reality. Inhabit your existence fully.

Challenge your pals when you gather socially to put their phones in a pile in the center of the table, with the understanding that the first person who grabs their device has to pay the tab!

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