• 3. Setting up a schedule for staffing.
• 4. Collecting the materials and getting them back to the storage site (probably my garage, unless you’ve got a few extra feet of square space and are centrally located and can make the materials easily accessable as needed).

Staffing the table involves talking with passers by, answering questions about the club, about bike safety, about club rides, events and mission. It’s pretty easy, laid back and fun. Anybody spending a little time reading some bacakground information either on the club’s website, our CD or in our printed material can glean enough information to either answer most people’s questions or know where to send them to get their questions answered.

Organizing one of these events, as I mentioned, is the most help you can lend me, but I’ll gladly accept whatever help you can manage. Please drop me a line to say hello. Let me know how you can help and maybe even about any exciting rides you’re doing this year. I’m getting pumped for the season. It won’t be long now...

Mike Brisson
585-461-5084 home phone

P.S. ... I’m also hosting the “Hell ‘bent for Breakfast ride” and the RARE 02 and am this years’ Awards Chair. - If anyone shows up at a ride on a 3 speed Schwinn with a Black Sabbath t-shirt and no brakes, I want to know about it!
Springtime, Trails, and MTB Riding
from the trail access committee

I know spring is here, and it’s warm and all, but the trails are very delicate this time of year. Many riders suffering from cabin fever will want to get out on their favorite trail. Some will go ride these trails when they are their most delicate. Resist the urge to join them; better yet, explain to them why it’s not a good idea to be riding them now. The trail can easily become rutted and braided (braided is where you have a widening of a muddy spot by people attempting to ride around it, causing braids). Water filled ruts and degraded trail surfaces only provide reason for those who do not wish to share the trails, that we’re not responsible enough to stay off trails when conditions are poor. Please let us not destroy the work we do to keep our trials open.

Part II - winter damage. Now is a good time to take a hike on your favorite trails and clean up winter damage. Sticks, branches, debris, whatever. It all should be returned to the condition it was in last year. Bring a hand saw and do some clean-up. Drain a wet spot. Pitch in to do your bit to maintain the trails. For those bigger logs you want to leave as an obstacle, use judgment. We all like a challenge, but leave a notch or alternative route for less skilled riders; conversely, if an obstacle has been getting use, people have been riding over it, it has chain-ring marks, leave it. Removal of technical obstacles that are “in play” results in trails that are too easy for others. Either carry over or learn to ride the obstacle, don’t “dumb down” the trail to your level if others are riding the terrain.

Anyone interested in joining the National Mountain Bike Patrol should contact Mark Dunn ( The dues are included in your IMBA dues, and we will be having training and First Aid/CPR in a couple of months. It’s a good bunch of people, doing good things for the trails. Come on out.
On March 18, the Genesee Transportation Council (GTC) will release it’s Draft Regional Trails Council Initiative Public Review Document. It will be available for public view at various locations around town, or on-line at A listing is there of the locations, as well, if you don’t want to download it. Written comments will be accepted from March 18 through April 16, either by E-mail, Fax, or US Mail. Additionally, 6 public input meetings will be held. The dates and locations are also located on the site.

- Todd Calvin
RBC MTB Trails Committee

Page 8 RBC Phone Hotline: (585) 238-3254


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