Volunteers Win Big

As with any club, volunteers are essential to the successful operation of the club’s activities. To encourage and reward our volunteers for contributing their valuable time, we hold an annual Volunteer Dinner in the fall. Anyone who volunteers for an RBC function, whether it be leading a ride, or a special event, receives one volunteer point. Two points earns a FREE catered meal. You only need to bring a big appetite! Anyone not receiving enough points is also welcome to attend for a small charge.

If you are a ride leader and your ride gets rained or snowed out, as long as you show up at the ride start to get signatures (just in case there are any loonies out there who will ride in the rain) and turn in the sign up sheet to the ride chair, you will receive your volunteer point even if you didn’t ride since you at least made yourself available.

When Volunteers win, the Club wins as well!
oops ... Sorry!

We had a slight glitch in burning the cd’s this year, so they went out a little bit later than usual. Luckily (?) the weather was not in our favor for riding the first couple of weeks, so it was not as big an issue as it could have been had we had several weeks of 70 degree weather. Dream on..... By now, everyone who has renewed should have their cd and hopefully the weather will cooperate as well.

Thanks for your patience.
- Karen
Publicity Chair
Seeks Volunteers

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Greetings, fellow RBCers!

My name is Mike Brisson and I am the publicity chair for the RBC and a member of the RBC board.

In addition to contacting the various media outlets with news releases of upcoming events (which I do) and visiting the bike shops to keep them stocked with club brochures and applications (which another board member does) our other major publicity function includes having a presence at several of the area fairs and other outdoor events such as, the Cornhill Fest, Park Ave. Fest, Adirondack Mountain Club’s Outdoor Expo and etc.

This is where you come in, because the most help you can lend me is in managing one of these events. What’s involved includes:

• 1. Getting materials to the site (We will have up to two large blue plastic boxes with handouts, etc.; a folding table; possibly a tent, depending on the event; a hand truck for transporting materials.)
• 2. Recruiting club members to staff the event.

The NEW RBC Jersey
New RBC Hotline!

The RBC has a new phone hotline number:(585) 238-3254. This will have info on club special events and any road rides you may wish to do. You can also leave messages for the club’s board. Info on mountain bike rides will still best be accessed on the club’s web site or thru e-mail, due to the changing nature of the trails.

This Could be Yours!
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