who else, but Monica Guenther (2800+ miles) and Brad Jensen (3000+ miles) How about someone trying to upset them this year? I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the competition.

Last but not least, the two highest awards, the Hall of Fame award for continued service to the RBC and community over the course of many years went to Mike Brisson, while the George Rennie award for exemplary service to the club over the last one-two years went to Hank Walck. There was no recipient for the Waldo Neilsen award (mountain bike activity) this year.

Congratulations to everyone!
- Karen

Anyone care to RIDE there from Rochester?
Contact Brian & Karen for details!
Challenge Ride!

This year’s Challenge ride will be held on Saturday, July 20 at the Farmington Town Park. As in previous years, we will start at 7am on Saturday and finish up at 7am Sunday giving everybody a chance to ride as much or as little as they want. This is also a picnic (bring a dish to pass). More details in the next newsletter. This will be my last year organizing it (I know I said that last year) but this time I mean it. If anyone is interested in running the event next year (either daytime or 24 hours), please let me know. Over the years, I have put together a list of what is needed, so it is pretty simple. As long as you have everything on the list, you have everything you need.

We also need some volunteers to help with the night time portion of the event this year. If anyone is interested in helping out at night or even part of it, again - please let me know. Since staying up all night is not easy, anyone who helps with the night portion of the event will recieve TWO volunteer points, which automatically gets you a free vounteer dinner in October.

For info, contact me at 872-1751 or
- Karen

Dick Burns (left) presents
the George Rennie Award
to Hank Walck

Weekday Riding Anyone?

Are you retired or can you play hooky once in awhile to go riding during the day on weekdays? If so, please let me know. Several of us try to get together when weather is nice on Tues, Wed, or Thurs to do rides in the 30-60 mile range at a leisurely pace. Often times, we’ll do club rides we couldn’t do with the club or ones not scheduled this year. We usually keep in touch by email, but telephones can be used in a pinch. Info:, 392-6678. - Jerry Vogt

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