same time this year, and Dick is no slouch when it comes to time trials! Keep up the good work Rashid! Maybe we will see you at the Olympics in 4 years!

The children’s awards for the challenge ride went to Lyta Dusel (age 3), Alec and Eric Linder (age 5 and 2 respectively) each doing 25 miles, and Peter Newman (age 7) riding 50 miles. The adult with the personal best at the challenge ride was Bob Cooper
wouldn’t lose it next time.

The most active ride leaders (other than board members) were Bob and Christine Thompson leading 8 rides. thanks!

Steve Lee received the humorous award of club domestique. On a beautiful ride in Honeoye, Dan M had a flat tire early in the ride, Steve stopped to help him fix it, then helped him catch up to the pack. The same ride, he stayed behind and helped Kathy M rejoin the pack when she appeared at the rest stop just as everyone else was leaving.

The most improved female rider went to Kathy Buonocorsso for the second year in a row and to Don Ciccone as the most improved male. Can Kathy do it 3 in a row? ..... not fair on the back of a tandem!

New inductees to the 1000 mile club this year are Steve Reigel, Gary Schwenck, Dave Dilliplane and Bill Maniscalco. Great work, considering Dr Bill’s injury in the fall the year before and spending all winter recovering. Looks like he is in top form again. Congratulations!

Gary Schwenk got a humorous award for having the most flats on one ride (7) .... I’m sure he didn’t think it was very funny.... we gave him a box of bandaids!

Mike Giusti received an award
for the most number of rides under 1000 miles ... He rode 814 miles, and still didn’t break 1000 miles ... that’s a lot of rides!

Best new riders award went to Gary Schwenk, Dave Dilliplane and Christina Bater. Keep up the good work. These folks started out doing short, slower rides and by the end of the season were riding longer, harder and faster. Don’t despair, it can be done ... keep at it! Except for a select few, we all were there once.

We also welcome this year, life members Hank and Carol Walck, Elizabeth Gruner and Ruth and Rich Morrill. These folks have not only been in the club for many years, but have also been very active if not currently, then many years ago. Now that they reached that golden age of 65, they are automatically renewed as club members. Hope to keep seeing them on the road.

Although he has been better this year, it seems Ian Bares is notorious for showing up late at ride starts, so he got a humorous award of a riding crop. The missing stone saddle has been found and will spend a year with Michelle Dulieu before moving on to the next person.

Most road miles went to

with 155 miles. Wonder how many miles he will do this year, as we hear he is interested in ultramarathoning!

The hardest working substitute ride leader was Dale VanOcker, seems everyone calls him to lead a ride they can’t make. Beside leading his own rides, he led 6 as a substitute for a total of 14 rides. Dale also got a humerous award. Seems he has a habit of leaving his water bottles at board meetings and various other activities, so Dick fashioned a leash for him to attach to the bottle so he
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