Rochester Bicycling Club Board Meeting 10-March-2002

From: Dale Van Ocker, Secretary

Present: President: Greg Kerr Vice Pres.: Brad Jensen Secretary: Dale Van Ocker Treasurer: Carol Walck Trail: Todd Calvin Newsletter: Brian Managan Rides: Ann Carol-Lee Membership: Karen Managan Publicity: Mike Brisson Map/Time trials: Dick Burns Education: Bary Siegel Mem/Large: Hank Walck Mem/Large: Steve Regal Mem/Large: Richard DeSarra

Committee Reports Rides/Calendar: Ann Carroll-Lee & Steve Lee -4 rides were scheduled, Saturday was good, Sunday was bad.

Membership: Karen Managan -190 to date this year compared to 179 last year

Treasurer: Carol Walck -Income $1685.30 -Expenses $2697.43 -Balance is now $3429.54

Phones: -Under Construction - number answers

Trail Access: -IMBA is in April - Summit -Certification for patrollers and first aid training is being planned. TBA. -Chimney Bluffs Trail Development - They will get together when the weather breaks. -Opening the County Parks to bikes - gone as far as we can with advocacy, no change in county’s position.

Newsletter: -Deadline is 15-Mar -We are low on content

Education: -Bary Siegal and Dick Burns will get together about a maintenance workshop.

Publicity: -Join-The-Club brochure went out to the bike shops; -Publicity wants to organize all volunteers who said they wished to work publicity. -Sierra Club Invitation to the upcoming Forum -Todd willl follow-up and perhaps attend.

Maps/Time Trials: Dick Burns. -Still ironing out the new mapping software.

Awards: -Needs a chairperson -Still distributing the 2001 awards - four left to pass out

Volunteers: -Needs a chairperson

Members-at-Large: Nancy Rohlin, Hank Walck, Steve Regal: -Nothing new

Old Business: -Jerseys - Mark Frank will consult with the manufacturer concerning the winning selection Tim    27 votes Susan    15 votes

New Business: -Library files looking for a home. Hank Walck volunteered space in his basement. -5 and dime Rides brochure is done, Hank W. will distribute to shops. -Newsletter Advertising -Correct web-site to say “camera ready copy” -Complaints about advertising service/delivery will by routed through Greg K. for disposition. -Advertising guidelines are found on the website -Use of discussion lists “RBC_List” is being monitored for abuse. Abusers will be dropped from list. “RBC_Announce” needs someone new to handle the forwarding process to the board. Steve R. and Brian M will discuss. -Note from Randy Warner Re: NYC Bike Ride was presented for info only.

Other Business: -Send $100 to Newark BOCES with a thank you letter. -NY Bike Coalition coming - board members are invited to participate. -Rich D./Harv Botsman are involved in a bike recycle program. -Timeline is OK.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday, April 9th, 7:00 p.m. Church of the Good Shephard Winton Road North

Page 14 RBC Phone Hotline: (585) 238-3254


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