RBC Board Meeting 04-February,2002

From: Dale Van Ocker, Secretary

Present: Brad Jensen, President, Mike Brisson, Dick Burns, Steve Cometa, Ann Carroll Lee, Steve Lee, Brian Managan, Karen Managan, Dale Van Ocker, Carol Walck, Hank Walck.

Committee Reports Rides/Calendar: Ann Carroll-Lee & Steve Lee -229 road rides are scheduled/calendar is up on the Web Site -Sent form to Eastview Mall asking parking permission. -RARE rides are being planned.

Membership: Karen Managan -85 applications to date.

Treasurer: Carol Walck -Income $718.80 -Expenses Maps $328.24 Postal $125.00 Web regist $ 29.95 -Balance is now $4,441.67

Phones: Waiting for number assignment

Trail Access: None.

Newsletter: -ready to pick up. -Inserts for charity will not be charged. Remove mention from web.

Education: None

Publicity: -Hank is helping with the computer program for the 5 and dime rides. -Will be turned into Todd for inclusion in the CD-ROM

Maps/Time Trials: Dick Burns. -Maps: 2/3 are done for the CD.

Awards: -Almost finished. -Need off road mileage from Todd.

Volunteers: None.

Members-at-Large: Nancy Rohlin, Hank Walck, Steve Regal: -None.

Old Business: We looked over preliminary Jersey designs to narrow down the choices.

New Business: None.

Other Business: -March Ride/Collating Party/Banquet Ride 2:00 pm, Collating Party 3:30pm, Banquet 4:30 pm

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, March 10h, 7:00 p.m. Church of the Good Shepherd, Winton Road North

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