RBC Board 1/6/01

Present: (as below) REPORTS:

Hank - at large - no report

Ann - Rides - lacking only 3 leaders to finish schedule. Deadline for hardcopy is due the 1st of Feb. Ann will forward files to Brian for HTML preparation for CD/website.

Dick - Time trials - new award for fastest woman. Maps - 20 -25 maps still to do for ‘02. Dick/Todd/Brian will arrange to forward files for CD. Parking for Mendom ponds rides - discussion about moving ride start to Nature center. No change at this time.

Karen - Membership - up to 92 renewals at this time - compared to 67 last year same time.
2000 apps have been printed. (with hotline # that may not be in use anymore.)

Todd - MTB - DEC is revising its review plan - moving toward “closed unless open” plan .... state wide!! Efforts to resist in progress.

Chimney Bluffs was under state DEC - transferred to NY parks. Added restroom & facilities. Public meetings for use occurred. Bike clubs have been contacted by snowmobile users. Good chunk of land in question. Concerns about drumlins.

Web - Road Runner and AOL access to RBC domain has been restored. Lycos accounts still not receiving RBC’s topica-based emails email lists.

Mike - publicity - will start contacting folks for events / “5 and dime” ride brochures.

Brian - newsletter - deadline Jan 15th.

Steve - rides - will start calling folks to finish ride leader list and alternates.

Carol - treasurer - current report was distributed expenses and income was reviewed. Still in the black - as usual!

Barry - education - working on maintenance classes. Date not yet set ... possibly July 14th. Dick will assist.

Richard - at large - City of Rochester produces Brochure of rides .... RBC info is invited. Share the Road banners --> Dick and Richard will coordinate the set-up this year.
NYBC will do a presentation in Rochester.
Bike dealers group - “Re-Cycled Cycles” program - work with Salvation Army this summer.
Discussion of possible bus promotions and helmet distribution in coordination with program.

Steve R. - at large - members got larger over Xmas.

Nancy - at large - Jerseys - preliminary designs may be ready by Tuesday Jan 8th. Nancy will work w/Brian to distribute prelims to board. Deadline for idea submission is still Feb 1st!!

Brad - VP - new member orientation - discussed plans/format/content for event. June 22nd.
Bike shop discounts - only the Brockport store still not responded.

New biz:

Todd - Announce list currently does not exist due to use policies by service providers. Discussion of issues related to continuing the list. Todd will research alternatives to commercial providers.

Phone system - line is dead - company may be out of business, discussion of possible resolutions. May attempt to acquire the number to maintain continuity. Tabled till more info available from Steve W.

Banquet - Ride at 2, collate at 3:30, dinner/awards at 4:30.

Timeline reviewed. Karen will write article about banquet.

Next Meeting - Feb 4th

Page 12 RBC Phone Hotline: (585) 238-3254


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