Oh no .... it’s “The Board Meeting Minutes”
RBC Board Mtg 13-December-2001

Present: Brad Jensen, Dick Burns, Ann Carroll Lee, Steve Lee, Brian Managan, Karen Managan, Steve Riegal, Nancy Rohlin, Todd Calvin, Frank Steiner, Dale VanOcker, Carol Walck, Hank Walck.


Education- None

Rides- Ann Carroll-Lee & Steve Lee -Calendar is posted on the Web Site -Less than 100 rides are looking for a leader. -Map list has gone to Dick B. for priority update. -Informal week day rides- We will provide ride sheets and process any that are returned to count mileage.

Membership- Karen Managan -1 renewal received, no new applications. -Board members were reminded to sign up.

Newsletter- Brian Managan -Deadline for new stuff is January 15th .

Treasurer- Carol Walck -See December spreadsheet for details. Balance is now $4,419.06

Trail Access- -Working on final schedule. Plan to have both liesure and training rides each weekend. -A new shop owner wants to talk to DEC about Public Lands. (NYS area south of Sodus Bay). -All 2001 objectives were accomplished thanks to volunteers and weather. -Frank S. & Mark D have a late season century ride to Dansville planned. Check your E-Mail.

“Five & Dime” rides- -Only the start location will be listed on the maps and phones to give flexibility of ride destination to the ride leader. -Most rides have leaders, although we could use a few more volunteers. Call or E-Mail Hank Walck.

Publicity- No formal Report - New Board press releases have gone out.

Awards- Meet January 7th at the Cometas’. They welcome ideas.

VP- Brad Jensen -Bike shop discount info received from 14 shops, no response from 3. -New Member Orientation- No firm plans yet.. -Jerseys- Students have begun the creative process. They may have some results by next board meeting.

Members-at-Large- Nancy Rohlin, Hank Walck, Steve Riegal -None.

Advocacy- None.

Maps/Time Trials- Dick Burns None, of course.

Phones- None

Volunteers- None.


NEW BUSINESS; -Karen M-Jan 6th is next Board Meeting -New Meeting schedule will be E-Mailed this week. Look for it in an INBOX near you! -Hank W.- Request from Jack Wilson to hold meetings on a fixed day of the week to make it easier to schedule. After discussion, it was decided that the present method of having “random” days to meet allowed more to participate regularly. -Winter Meeting/Slide Show is planned. Friday Feb 1st, - 6 pm Carmen Clark Lodge, 777 Westfall Rd -We were given free envelopes for Map Sets. They will require a stick on label. Karen M and Dick B. will handle.

Timeline Check- -Everything is on schedule. -Church has been paid. -Map CD-Todd needs when they are ready- New Maps List of Changes Any interesting photos for the Gallery. New version of Ride Leader Handbook. -Challenge Ride Park (July 20-21st) has been reserved.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, January 6th, 7:00 p.m.
From- Dale Van Ocker, Secretary

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