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-- make a new unique folder name based on the current time
set basedir to "~/Documents/Create/slides-"
set theDate to current date
set destination to basedir & year of theDate & ¬
    "-" &
month of theDate & "-" & day of theDate & "+" & time of theDate ¬
    & "/"

tell application "Create"
tell the front document
set thepages to pages
set totalpages to pagecount
repeat with i from 1 to totalpages
if i < 10 then set filename to destination & "Slide_0" & i & ".jpg"
if i > 9 then set filename to destination & "Slide_" & i & ".jpg"
set currentpage to i
tell page i
export in filename
end tell
end repeat
end tell
end tell

tell application "PhotoToWeb"
make new album at before front album
tell the front album
ignoring application responses
add photos in destination
slide show
end ignoring
end tell
end tell
Copy and paste this script into Script Editor. Click Run to make slides out of the front-most Create document.
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