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If you have an iTools account set up, you can mount your iDisk from the Finder by choosing Go->iDisk. Your iDisk icon should appear at the top level of your Finder windows.

Navigate to the Sites folder and drag the folder created in Step 14 to your Sites folder. This publishes your web site. Its URL (what you give out so people can access the site from their browsers) is something like:

For example, our totally generic web site is online at:

If you’re hosting your web pages at another site, you’ll need to see how that site supports uploads. For example, my ISP is Qwest. To upload files to the free web space available, I use an ftp client. (
Here is a list of ftp clients available for Mac OS X. Mac OS X includes a free ftp client, accessible through, but you’d need to be comfortable with a command line interface to use it.)

To use an ftp client, you’ll need to know the host name (it might be something like, your user name (probably your account’s user name) and your password (probably your account’s password). Once the ftp client establishes a connection with your web host’s computer, you use the ftp client’s user interface to upload the folder you made in Step 14 to your web host.

The URL depends on your web host. At Qwest, the URL is something like
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