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I also wanted to let you know that I think your free upgrades program is great. I hate having to pay for software I own over and over. I was a definate believer in your software before, but now I know I’ll be a user for life. [WFO]
I spent the afternoon exploring Create and I find it an impressive piece of software. It’s a bit like having a suite case of well wrapped Christmas presents and not enough time to open and explore them. Like the Mac they are creative, fun and interesting. A great combination so thank you for expressing and sharing your creative gift. [JGW]
Thank you for the quick reply, for all your upgrades and that they are free, and for a great product! [KL]
You’re great! I will try the below information and also pass on your great support and software. It is such a pleasure to deal with a company that realizes the greatest importance is the customer. This alone will surely build a loyal following. [RB]
My father is impressed with your response. He’s had an issue with an Adobe program and just recently got his first call back after four months of repeated calls to them. I recommended your products because they work and because you were helpful with my questions about your older Openstep programs. [RV]
I was up until the wee ones playing with Create and PhototoWeb especially after buying your package at the Mall of America Apple Store last night around 5. I'm having a ball. [PV]
I’m on this damned Windows machine at work, I really hate it, and don’t even get me started on Microsoft’s corporate licensing schemes! Under Classic at home, I’ve used every version of Photoshop(version 4 & up), Illustrator(version 7 & up), and Golive(version 4 & up). Some of the updates have been great, but it is just too over priced for the never-ending version upgrades! Now that I’m on to an OS X machine, I just can’t afford to do another version upgrade! Besides, I’d rather support the mom & pop businesses like y’all! [TJM]
Create is Great for Lectures/Presentations I have this year been doing quite a bit of presentation-work and teaching. By using Create as a “content producer” and PhotoToWeb as a “slide show mechanism”, I have been able to produce some really fantastic presentations and lectures very quickly and doubt it would have been possible without Create -- I’m very glad I bought it! [AL]

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