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P.S. I tried demos of iDraw, Eazy Draw, Draw Well, and probably others before I tried Create. Create seems so much easier! I've been looking for a decent drawing program for a very long time. Thank you for that, and for the terrific "forever" upgrade deal. I look forward to exploring everything. [LB]
Yet again Andrew has re invented the wheel and you get a fantastic, intuitive way of doing things. Andrew has to be the Guru of the user interface. All for a cost that's well less than a tank of gas in the UK. Out of the box it works a treat with an excellently written free manual. You are assured with the Stone philosophy that in a years time it will do more and will never cost you a penny extra. I can see no reason not to buy, let’s continue the revolution. [MF]
Well I have now been using Create constantly for one full week and I am happy to report not one real bug, untimely deaths ,unexplained quitting or anything else like that. [MR]
Create is the first software I have seen that allows me to skip the (dreaded) Dream Weaver learning curve and, more importantly, to quickly and rapidly develop sites that provide a real benefit to users, and particularly to groups of users who info/document-exchange needs are very high and change very often. [FD]
I have been looking for months online for a free gif animation creator for the Mac OS X and I finally got my hands on your program GIFfun. It is the greatest, extremely simple, and I couldn't thank you any more than this for making it, thank you so much. [PD]
As I said, my life would be much more difficult without Create. Saves me a lot of time and it's fun! And has the greatest tech support on earth. [JM]
BTW...”Create” is an extremely nice/easy to use product. About the only thing I have discovered that I would change is that you haven’t pushed it as “The First OS X-native” web design tool. While I realize that “Create” does much more, since there is nothing else in that market space right now, I’d love to see you take advantage of that. :-) [SA]

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