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I’ve been thinking of just how to word this little missive over the last day or so. Didn’t want to come off more crazed than I actually am... but at this point, what the hell: I love your software, your company, hell I’d probably fall in love with one or more of you if I lived out there. I bought your CD back during the Homecoming Sale, and a day hasn’t go by when using it doesn’t give me the warm fuzzies. You should all be proud of you of yourselves, and smug about it. If any of you find yourselves in New York on business, vacation, hiding from the law, etc. feel free to impose yourselves.... Thank you, [RF]
Andrew Stone/Stone Design has been around for quite sometime, and he is a really nice guy and extremely knowledgable in the graphics arena. Andrew Stone has had this product, and others, out since I can remember using NeXT(since 1993). I used his products on my NeXT Turbo, and all of my graphic friends would come over to my crib and play around with Create especially, and would say "Holy Crap, this program is so phaat"!, why can't my Mac do this?

If memory serves me well, I believe he was the first commerial developer to port over his apps.(native) in demostrating the power of Rhapsody when Apple first bought NeXT Software in the early days. So this guy has his act together, plus his products are Object Oriented, mature and have a good legacy behind them. And it is to bad, I can only assume, that they do not possibly have the advertising budget to make a strong showing, but a post like this from Maccentral will make a big difference. I hope that other Mac-oriented news and information outlets give them some props. If you really want to be ahead of the game, go to and go to the SofTrak section, a good deal of those who have apps. that are native for OS-X are people who were under the NeXT/Openstep banner as developers, now lists themselves as Apple developers.

And if you really like his stuff, and others out of the traditional Mac-Mainstream apps, try it(if they have it for demo) and by it, your dollars do make a difference for small/medium size companies like Stone Design to be around, flourish and gather other faithfuls

As for myself, I am starting out fresh since I just retired my blackhardware this past December. I will be buying StoneStudio Suite and a photo-editing app., Tiffany3 from, need to need to check out his stuff, OS-X native app., Object Oriented, mature, has a good legacy and it too is pretty darn nice. [P2S]
THANKS for the great spanning multiple page idea!! -Yes, that works just fine.  Even more amazing, is that this all recorded and reconstructed perfectly when saved as AppleScript.  I have to tell you, I have never seen such an amazing implementation/tightly integrated application with AppleScript -AppleScript is what will drive productivity.

You know, PStill makes such a fine PDF Image that I have been scaling up my CAD drawing image several times with out any loss of resolution -astounding!

A very, very satisfied and productive customer! -rare does one find products (and support) of such quality.

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