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Dear Stone Design/Andrew Stone,
I downloaded the Stone Suite, and I just want to say that it is the best software I have used on Mac OS X. Unbelievably stable, useful and easy, your software is revolutionary for making web content [DMP]
Create is too cool. I've used Photoshop and GoLive and draw programs since the dawn of the Mac but Create is the most fun I've had in years. I can't wait to incorporate anim GIFs. Beautiful and inspiring interface. Full of surprises. Thanks for the great work. [KV]
Thank you! I have Macromedia, but Stone is very easy to make something creative in. [DB]
**Everybody Must Get Stoned** -- Stone Design deserves an award for the first piece of Mac OS X software to arrive here in physical form (it actually came in before we even received Mac OS X itself). Stone Studio is a $300 Cocoa-based suite of seven applications for graphics professionals, including an object-oriented drawing program, a time and billing program, and a number of smaller utilities for creating GIF animations, PDF documents from PostScript originals, and more. Not only does Stone Design earn points for promptness, but it's good to see completely new productivity applications appear because of Mac OS X. [ACE]
You probably don't remember me but I was a NeXT programmer many years ago. It's good to see you stuck with it and I hope you reap the rewards. I
am sure it has been a long haul. [DBM]
By the way - excellent piece of software! My love has always been with '!Draw' and '!Artwork's on an arcane Acorn Archimedes RiscOS machine. And up till last week I never saw anything close. You guys rock! [KL]
        Wow. That was fast. I'm just finishing my work day and note that you have suggested 2 solutions. Not only that, but the the 2nd one may make the 1st one obsolete. And I have even had a chance to try it! TextExtras and MOKit have already been downloaded. Your efforts have been outstanding. [DON]
It all looks so VERY cool! When are your products going to get some major press, like a cover story in MacWorld, or at least a feature story!??!?!!?!? [ER]

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