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Sorry you were unable to attend Andrew Stone’s demo this evening. I am elated to report that his Stoneware Suite demo was most impressive! To my knowledge there are no other programs for the Mac which offer integrated illustration, page layout, and web authoring capabilities with true drag and drop ease. The program also offers a compression utility, the ability to convert True Type fonts into Postscript Fonts and much more than I can describe.
As the patriarch of the Cocoa Programming Family, Andrew Stone was incredibly knowledgable and personable. His dedication to building better software without upgrade charges for the lifetime of the product speaks to his integrity and committment to the Mac Community. [KO]
Again, thank you for your prompt response. In this day and age the term customer service is loosing it's original meaning, It's nice to come across a company where a principal takes the time to respond to a customer the same day an inquiry was sent. [GCA]
I think your software is the best. When I saw that you're handling the TIFFany ordering, I knew I'd made a good decision! I can't claim to have even scratched the surface of CREATE et al., but I'm hoping that, even in this Adobe-centric school, I can carve out my own niche with your tools - maybe even make a few converts! Anyway, thanks. [HH]
Since 1996 I have been taking digital photographs and putting them on the web. What started as a personal web site has grown into two domains containing over 25,000 pictures. For years I cobbled the photo galleries together using several Windows and DOS based tools. No single program I ever found could handle as many images as I had! After moving to a Mac and running Mac OS X Public Beta, one of the first programs I stumbled across was PhotoToWeb. Amazingly, this program did precisely what I wanted with a fraction of the effort of my existing method. It has saved me tons of work and I greatly appreciate your efforts to evolve the program to my requests. I don't even want to think about how things would be if I still had to do this my old way!

My most recent site update of included over 51,000 files (html, water marked pictures and thumbnails) all generated by PhotoToWeb without a single problem. I couldn't have grown to this site without you. Thanks! [AH]
Wow. You folks are the epitome of excellent customer service. Other software companies could learn a thing or two from you. [RS]

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