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It's far the best software for this purpose, especially if (like me) you are not familiar with web page creation. It's very intuitive and it's mac os X native.Great !!! [DP]
Great product! I use it to create beautiful marketing flyers all the time. Thanks! [MJ]
With Create I was able to make invitations to my son's birthday party in 5 minutes! Incredible!! [KS]
I have appreciated your quality of software, and your great business practices.[LK]
It's good to know that there are small & honest software authors out there, who deliver high-quality work and keep the customer satisfied .... i am with you since early NeXT days [CH]
Thanks for your help, it worked! Your tech support fantastic! I really appreciate what you guys are doing. PS. Ever tried to use Microsoft tech support :-? [AP]
I wanted to write a letter with some graphics as background and tried WORD for MacOSX, but after some frustrating hours I had to quit. The same with Indesign and Adobe Illustrator. All of them did not behave as they should.
Create was the only program to handle the text from text edit including the tabs correctly when using the pasteboard. create was the only program to provide "what you see is what you get". The pdf file that I used as Background did print as it should: line art instead of pixels (word) and correctly positioned instead of shifted somewhere (illustrator). [WE]
Still absolutely thrilled with’s amazingly cool. I’ve sucessfully used it for making graphical layouts for printing, making my website (, and producing titles for use in videos I’m editing with Final Cut. It’s got serious speed advantages over several other products I own, including the full Adobe and Corel suites! :-) Thanks for a COOL product. [SA]
Many thanks again for your GREAT software [MCM]
I couldn’t ask for better user support! [RG]
I love the software! Intuitive, elegant, flexible. All in all a 9.5 out of 10, & exactly what I was hoping for! [PG]

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