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I'm sure Steve or Bill wouldn't even reply to my e-mail, let alone send a license! And even on a Sunday! Thanks again! Create has been great! [DA]
I've been using iMaginator for the past few days and I'm really impressed with how it takes advantage of Tiger to offer realtime view of different effects. It's fast and the interface is great just like you other products. [AC]
Dear Mr. Stone, I wish you were in charge of all software development everywhere. I don't know how you manage to update things so frequently. Version 2.0 of Imaginator is simply great. I wanted a painting module in it, and now it's here. Thanks so much. I know it was a feature many were hoping for. It really is cool and I'm having a great time with it. Thanks so much.

Keep up the good work. I can't believe how much I use your products now. Create is my default app for just about everything it seems. Been a great help for my school. I've been transferring many of our forms, letterhead, report cards etc. to Create so I can get rid of all those other programs I don't use anymore. Take care and thanks again for a great product. [BR]
Recently purchased iMaginator and I am extremely pleased with the transaction efficiency. This is how a business should be run and that compliment is coming from a very tough consumer. Furthermore, the application is perfect and I am excited to incorporate many of the custom images of my creation into a variety of media formats. There are endless possiblities and I will enjoy exploring many of them! [PK]
I love your products!! [LD]
wow...this is a really really responsive company :-) [TE]

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