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Just wanted to tell you that I am extremely happy to see that Stone Design has survived the years in the wilderness between NeXT and X. I have always respected your commitment to the NeXT and X communities. It is nice to still see Andrew's and Katie's name still after all these years. I sincerely hope you are being very successful with Studio now that X is out. [JF]
I found Create to be invaluable in enabling me to get working early with OS X. Thanks to Create (and OmniGraffle and Big Show), I was able to give powerpoint-like presentations at international congresses using OS X as early as the public beta stage. I used Create for producing some of the graphics from scratch. Create was used for the final stages of all of the graphics work (none of which is spectacular in itself so maybe not what you are looking for - simple diagrams, imported photos, imported scientific plots, imported files from OmniGraffle). The ability to easily create PDFs with a transparent canvas was the killer adavantage. I won’t be going back to Powerpoint. [MS]
Boy, Create makes some things soooo much easier than other programs.... [WJ]
Create is one of the best pieces of software ever. [RP]
I’m very impressed with the ease of use. I also think your customer service thus far has been outstanding. Thank you. [MV]
Yesterday I finally got my Dad to bring home a copy of the Stone Studio disk image on his laptop - they have a high speed internet connection at his workplace. So now I’ve finally got a chance to tell you what I think of it. Well lets just say, I can see why you got the “Freakin’ Awesome” award from Mac Addict magazine!

It’s excellent, and I’d recommend it to my friends - except they all run Windows, and try to explain to me that Macs are rubbish when they are infected by viruses on a weekly basis, and one friend’s hard disk wiped itself three times! However, I did show them some Graphics I’d produced in Stone Studio beta (back in September), and they were mightily impressed.

But best of all, even my Dad was impressed by some graphics I produced in Create. This, coming from someone who refused to run OS X because it’s “different” - but I’m slowly changing his mind! [RC]

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