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I read an interview the other day with you. Your philosophy on upgrades is right on. I can see how every new Stone user is actually a NEW user that expands your user base. When Stone comes out with new products or upgrades it's not competing with itself.

I know people who have never upgraded from previous versions of Photoshop because 5.5 (or something) is good enough. Or they're locked into purchasing the Adobe platform because...that's what they use. If inline graphics in InDesign CS aren't handled well, you get to purchase the upgrade and hope it's fixed. All because you've sunk so much into Adobe already. If they don't upgrade their Adobe apps, then they don't upgrade their OS or hardware. Then they continue to have a mediocre to tolerable computing experience.

Real life example - I was able to get a this new Powerbook here, because I mentioned how much money we saved by using PStill over Acrobat Distiller Server. Then, I showed how products like iMaginator were taking advantage of Core Image Powerbook, OS X 10.4 and iMaginator. Create and Linkback are next.... [RB]
Yet again Andrew has re-invented the wheel and you get a fantastic, intuitive way of doing things. Andrew has to be the Guru of the user interface. All for a cost that's well less than a tank of gas in the UK. Out of the box it works a treat with an excellently written free manual. You are assured with the Stone philosophy that in a years time it will do more and will never cost you a penny extra. I can see no reason not to buy, let’s continue the revolution. [MF]
I am really glad that your company is going to be contributing so strongly to the Mac OS X environment. Your products were some of those that made the NeXT world a  great place to work and it is good that you will continue. I have been using NeXT machines since the Release 0.9 days, and it's been one of those good experiences as a NeXT user to be a customer of Stone Design.  Best of luck to you and your colleagues.
Dear Andrew, I have not even bought my Mac yet, but I was so impressed with your site and your products and your philosophy that I just had to buy this program NOW. I'm sure I will enjoy using it very much. [DG]

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