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    Stone Design Software for Mac OS X
     2015 note: Validated only through Mac OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks - No longer supported - Caveat Emptor

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Buy Stone Works™ - 17 apps, a screen saver & a widget - to save the most money.
Or buy Stone Studio™ - 7 apps. Or scroll down to buy just Create® or any other individual application... License(s) will be emailed to you upon approval of your credit card. Freely download the software

Stone Works
17 apps, a screen saver & a widget: Create, Videator, iMaginator, PhotoToWeb, TimeEqualsMoney, SliceAndDice, PStill, PackUpAndGo, GIFfun, StampInStone, GlobalWarmth, FontSight, PreferenceCommander, StarMores, XaoS, TrueBlue, Qouija, VideationNation screensaver and StoneWorks widget. $1,469 of software for only $399.

Stone Studio
Create, PhotoToWeb, TimeEqualsMoney, SliceAndDice, PStill, PackUpAndGo and GIFfun. $1,265 of software for only $299.

Or buy just the applications you want:

Create® for Mac OS X
Professional Design and Web Publishing
(normally $695)    $149

VJ, create & add special effects to Movies, Photos to movies too!
    $ 49 (normally $99!)

Image Processing made easy
(normally $ 99)    $49

Time Tracking and Invoicing
(normally $129)    $ 49

PDF Watermarking
(normally $ 99)    $ 49

Convert EPS/PS to PDF
(normally $129)    $ 69

View, edit, delete and manage Preferences
(normally $29)    $ 19

Adds visual Font Menu to Cocoa apps
(normally $29)    $ 19

Global Warmth
Monitor weather around the globe
(normally $29)    $ 19

Digital photos - manage and publish to web
(normally $129)    $ 69

Turn images into web pages
(normally $129)    $ 49

Instant compressing and uncompresing of files and folders
(normally $ 49)    $ 15

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