Andrew's Problem/Solution Guide
caveat emptor: These apply to PR2 - it's a moving target, so this section is de facto in construction...

Problem: When you attempt to compile stage 1 after adding in the /NextDeveloper/OpenStepConversion/IntermediateFrameworks1
to the Frameworks Pop-up of the Project Inspector. you get multiply defined symbols.

Solution: Remember to remove the link to the 3.3 headers under "Headers" pop up in the Project Inspector Button on your Project Window). This note belongs in ConvertingYourCode.rtf:

4. Delete the NeXT-provided libraries (such as libNext) from your project, and add the corresponding frameworks (such as /NextLibrary/Frameworks/AppKit.framework). Now, using the project Inspector, delete the reference to 3.3 headers under "Headers"

Problem: You get a warning that NSObject doesn't respond to initWithCoder:
      AcctCategory.m: In function `-[AcctCategory initWithCoder:]':
AcctCategory.m:72: warning: `NSObject' does not respond to `initWithCoder:'
AcctCategory.m:72: warning: passing arg 1 of `objc_msgSendSuper' from incompatible pointer type

Solution: No problem - it doesn't respond to it anymore! If you think about it, it's more portable to let objects reconstitute themselves as they see fit. Just remove the call to super in direct subclasses of NSObject.

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