A Cartload of Bones                         by Andew C. Stone
We escape Los Alamos and drive down the hill 1000 years to Bandelier National Monument. These are Anasazi ruins where the ancients had dug into the buttes made of lava ash to form connected spherical caves. This tuft is soft and easy to dig, and it hardens when exposed to air - the same stuff the underground towns of Capadoccia Turkey are carved out of.

We climb into the caves just as we are totally peaking, we settle in a bit, and notice how vibratory and echoey  any sound is. We start om'ing and suddenly the synesthesia of seeing sounds and hearing visions manifests.

It becomes clear that the tools for creating altered consciousness have been around for millennia, and only now are we awakening en masse to the possibilities of a world that collaborates as we take the next quantum leap.

And it's thanks to my dear soul brother John Perry that so many have seen the light.

Come, shall we away?
                                                        San Francisco June 25th 2015

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