A Cartload of Bones                         by Andew C. Stone
He interviewed me for the magazine, and the conversation wandered. Soon, I was providing sysadmin help to him for his NeXT computer, ‘icecube’. We were both hosting server 'nodes' for uucp - the precursor to the internet that ran sendmail via unix to unix copy, mine went by cyberpunk nickname, ‘droid’.

It was October 23rd 1992 at the Palace of Fine Arts when he and I first joined forces for a group liberation - The 3D Reality Ball.

We gathered our freaky friends from the burgeoning yet still underground rave scene, our cypher punk pals via John Gilmore's party list, Bobby Weir and buds, to mix it up with the NeXT community to launch
stone.com's newest 3D modeling software, 3D Reality.

By 1988, Steve Jobs had gotten his Q security clearance and had sold a bunch of cubes to the NSA, and so, we also sold a boatload of software to some front company in Texas.

But since I was invited inside Fort Meade and got to enjoy that copper mesh covered building, I can tell you there are Deadheads in the strangest of places, if you look at it right.

What better way to karmically clean dark money than throw a psychedelic rave and invite the NSA?
The Palace of Fine Arts had been totally transformed.  Two dozen projectors on pillars on opposite sides of the room were projecting ambient images that would subtly change over time. A shamanic didgeridoo collapsed the space time continuum, as ‘Bob’ wandered about offering LSD or MMDA to party goers. Genesis and Psychic TV performed a trippy concert, and the Cosmic Egg was cracked wide open.

Barlow and I were determined to keep Steve’s original mystical spark burning and, other than my phone line getting tapped and being put under DEA investigation, it was a huge success.

In 1993, Barlow and I threw the next Stone Rave in conjunction with the NeXTWorld convention. This was an epic day that Barlow memorialized

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