A Cartload of Bones                         by Andew C. Stone
Descending the elevator, our posse noticed the LL button next to the L button.
        “What's LL for?”, Barlow pondered.
To which I retorted in a heavy New Mexican accent,  
        "Why, that ees el Yobby"

Somewhere during Space and Drums, it was revealed that massive fountains of colored light were emitting from the crown chakras of everyone in the audience.

My grandfather, who had died a few years earlier, trans-dimensionally communicated to me, “here it is, The Torch. It's yours now.”

I was flabbergasted to understand that the passing of the torch was more than an expression. The mantle of wisdom was literally being bestowed upon me in a dramatic display of psychic fireworks. We are all connected in a very real and visceral way that can be experienced directly, but I digress...

It was at the August
1990 ACM SIGGraph (the Association of Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group ‘Graphics’) conference in Dallas that I first met John.
He was on a virtual reality panel with Timothy Leary, Esther Dyson, Jaron Lanier, and other VR notables, and the question of the cost of the then million dollar machines. Barlow quipped, "For $5, I can get a better virtual reality machine with a hit of LSD!"

Here was the first public mention of the tabooed subject of psychedelics in such an open and honest way, and I found it both exciting and liberating.
I realized that just as each oppressed group before us, the psychedelic community needed a liberation movement too.  I joined by ‘being out' about my use of entheogens from that day forward.

As one of the first software developers for Steve Job’s NeXT computer, I got a call one day in '91. “Hello, Andrew? This is John Barlow from NeXTWorld magazine and I want to interview you for the mag.”

“John Perry Barlow?”, I queried. I could feel his delight at my recognition. It only grew when I reminded him of the SIGGraph story. Kindred spirits revealed.

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