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2005-01-05Cool new Create just released (v 12.3.1)New version of Create with some neat new features!
2004-10-05Create 12.2.1 Ships - free upgrades of course!Latest version of Create 12.2.1 now available for download
2004-03-09Create 11.4 : Typography features and Imposition scriptsCreate 11.4 from Stone Design is here now - ready to download - free upgrade to current users
2004-03-02automatic envelope addressing from Address Book scriptan applescript to let you automatically create a preaddressed envelope in Create
2004-02-01out of the blue praise for CreateIf the users say Create rules, it must be true
2004-01-07Create Art Space - a place to share things Create(R) - free art
2004-01-05update to CreateI fixed a crasher in Duplicate Pages
2003-09-04Praise for Create on the net...Here's what one user said
2003-04-22Speak Softly and Carry a Large LawyerYes, virginia, Stone Design owns Create(R)
2003-03-28Cool Create(R) poster you can play withSteve Weintz made a cool poster
2003-03-26Create - a program so good they named a conference after it!Create - a program so good they named a conference after it!
2003-03-24Waves - a Moire-ish art tutorialRobert Curtis has made a new Create tutorial on "Waves"
2003-03-23Create - a program so good they named a conference after it!Create - a program so good they named a conference after it!
2003-03-19Adding Bates Stamping - via applescript of course!People want to know how to stamp each page of a document with a unique integer - here's how
2003-03-17New Tutorials for Create and Stone Studio online...About 5 new cool tutorials to get the most from Create and PStill...
2003-03-07Some Create DiscussionBrief discussion of Create on the X4U mailing list.
2003-03-03Create 11.0 Ships - with cool new drop shadowsCreate 11.0 - the best Create ever - now has the ability to add fuzzy/blurred/focused drop shadows to any text, graphic or image!
2003-02-28Same Image - Multiple MasksA technique for getting multiple graphic "pieces" out of the same image.
2003-02-21Applescript ReminderDon't forget about Create's powerful Save as Applescript command.
2003-02-13How to crop in CreateUse Mask Groups to crop to any shape you want.
2003-02-03New versions posted todayWe updated Create and iPhoto to PhotoToWeb plugin
2003-01-03No Logo?
2002-12-31Our users are cool!
2002-12-31New Free Features in Create in 2002Here's a complete rundown of the new features in Stone Studio that were added this in 2002: New and Free in 2002! This story has features new to Create...
2002-12-12Adding internal links
2002-12-09Making this site with Create
2002-12-09The Difference Between Document HTML and HTML Preferences
2005-05-30Stone Design ships PreferenceCommanderManage your preferences for any OS X app easily and quickly
2005-05-03iMaginator Contest 2005 is now on!Stone Design today announced the iMaginator Contest 2005. iMaginator, a powerful new image processing application, provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger
2005-04-29Stone Design ships iMaginator 1.0 for TigeriMaginator from Stone Design is the low cost image processing power house for Mac OS X 10.4 aka Tiger. With over 106 filters and effects at your fingertips, you can instantly combine text, images, filters and effects to turn photos into art and QuickTime movies. Just $49 & free upgrades for life!
2005-04-19iMaginator 1.0 to ship April 29th - Image Processing Made EasyiMaginator 1.0 is Stone Design's new image processing application for Tiger - it's new, it's hot and it will ship on April 29th
2004-08-25New Create! and PhotoToWeb!New versions of Create (12.2) and PhotoToWeb (2.1) are shipping.
2004-04-07EarthSight - Frank Siegert's giantic image viewer - Free!Frank Siegert has just published V1 of EarthSight - a program which can take NASA earth imagery data and show it!
2004-03-11Experimenting with all kinds of stuffChanging servers, adding forum software.
2004-01-06Global Warmth 1.01 - fixed some bugs...Global Warmth had a few bad ones that I fixed
2003-11-03Panther's Packaging: Ode to NeXTStepYes, it is the revenge of NeXTSTEP!`
2003-08-19How to not be bothered by latest MS w32.sobig.f worm...A mail rule to stop most of the w32.sobig.f worm's damage to your mental health
2003-07-21New Versions of FontSight, Create, PhotoToWeb and TimeEqualsMoneyLatest Stone Studio available
2003-07-16Interview in NeXT-eZineAn interview with Andrew Stone on NeXT & Mac OS X
2003-07-02On the Road Again...Hotter than July
2003-06-26Stone Under Fire
2003-05-07The Cocoa Files - more articles on Mac OS X availableThe Cocoa Files are over 60 essays and how-tos on Mac OS X programming, with focus on Cocoa
2003-04-25FontSight™ - the visual Font menu just shipped!FontSight is a cool plugin for Cocoa apps that adds a visual font menu to all Cocoa apps with a Font/Format menu
2003-04-20A Happy 4-20 and SJ Merc interview
2003-02-26RSS Syndication RevisitedFull story added to RSS feed.
2003-02-20RSS SyndicationStoneLog now provides an RSS feed.
2002-12-30Reporting bugs
2002-12-08This is a testWe're testing whether we can add info
2001-04-28FontSight(tm) gets fix for Type Embellishment LET fontMenu was too darn wide for this oddball font
2005-07-11iMaginator 2.0 ships - and new Create, PStill, PhotoToWebiMaginator 2.0 now has painting and other cool things Create 12.3.7, PStill 4.2 and PhotoToWeb 2.5 available
2004-12-07Create 12.3 and latest Stone Studio ship!Latest Create and Stone Studio now available for download - free upgrades for registered users, as always
2004-04-08Latest Create, PStill available in new Stone Studio DownloadNew cool features in Create and PStill - ready for delivery
2004-03-15Announcing the Stone Design Forum!a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (it's the ides of march - get it?)
2004-01-01Global Warmth - and new Create, PStill and PhotoToWebjust the URLS, ma'am... Global Warmth is a macalicious interface to monitor weather around the globe...
2003-11-26More features in Stone Studio just releasedWe just don't stop adding features - and the upgrades are free for current users, as usual!
2003-10-28Panther Power:new Create, PStill, PhotoToWeb & TimeEqualsMoneyMade for Panther updates to STone Studio - especially Create, PStill, PhotoToWeb & TimeEqualsMoney
2003-08-27New versions of Stone Studio now availableMars is close, so are new versions of Stone Studio!
2003-08-05Mac Companion reviews Stone StudioMac Companion reviews Stone Studio - favorably
2003-07-28Andrew to demo Stone Studio at SF Exploratorium tonight!San Fran Mac Users group - BMUGWEST
2004-02-25TrueBlue 2 ships - and is still Free!TrueBlue - Stone Design's free font conversion app - has been enhanced!
2003-04-10Kudo's for PStill's shrinkage capabilities: 1/100th !!over 2 mags
2003-03-25latest TrueBlue available - free of course!Free TTF to PS font convertor latest update
2003-03-05PStill - setting up watched folders tutorialPStill can now take output from any OS X app's print job - and then repurpose it
2003-02-26Stitching together PDFsPStill makes it really easy to combine multiple PDFs into one document.
2003-02-19PStill just got way cooler with totally automated work flow!Apple added something which lets PStill auto-distill any print job from any app!
2003-01-24PStill for Pre-Jaguar
2003-01-23PStill makes posters and banners now!New poster/banner making module in PStill - and learn how to use it with Create
2003-05-28FontSight - works great with "native" Mac OS X appsPeople using legacy software complain...
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