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Praise for Create on the net...
September 04, 2003

I saw this review today - not too shabby!

which goes:

Based on advice from this forum over the past month, I tried many software packages to develop a professional looking newsletter with high quality page layout (including photo placement and manipulation) and drawing features. After trying everything from Appleworks (free on many Macs, $80 retail), MacPublisher Pro ($15 shareware), and the new version of Quark (demo, $900) and Adobe InDesign ($700), I settled on a moderately priced program with very impressive features.

It is Stone Studio's Create -- found here:

I have absolutely no affiliation with the vendor. This is a great product, written in Cocoa, with origins in NextStep. A very professional piece of work with terrific user support (and yes -- free upgrades). New version (August 26) is already compatible with Panther. $149. Page layout tools are excellent, and drawing tools are quite good as well. If I compared Create with InDesign or Quark, I'd say it is like Photoshop Elements 2.0 compared to Photoshop 7 -- you get most of the real functionality with the less expensive software. Although the author Andrew Stone might disagree with my comparison, since the Create feature set is very complete.

You can get a 30 day trial license on the web site that opens up all the software features. 5-6 days of working with the software sold me. Nice way of marketing software. Apparently the software is marketed in Apple stores, although I had not seen it there. It is well worth a trial, IMHO.

BTW -- I tried the page layout and drawing features in Word as well. It was the worst of the bunch for this kind of work as compared to the other options I tried.



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Kris Jensen

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