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Reporting bugs
December 30, 2002

Stone Design is a small company, run by technically-oriented people. We do everything: write the code, market the applications, and provide tech support.

I came across a link today on how to make bug reports. No software is totally bug-free, but we try to fix all bugs we know about. So when you find a bug, let us know about it, and try to tell us how to reproduce it. We'll do our best to fix it and make the software better for everybody.

Don't name the first page "Index"!
Andrew Stone ( December 31, 2002 12:50:28 PM

Here's something I'll code around next year, but it bit one user - he named page 1 "Index" - and then Create fails to make "index.html" because the Mac HFS+ file system is case insensitive! (unlike the Unix file system which the internet is based on)
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Kris Jensen

I'm sorry, but we've had to disable comments due to overwhelming spam.
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