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Speak Softly and Carry a Large Lawyer
April 22, 2003

Yes, Virginia, Stone Design truly owns Create(R) - the one and only Native OS X illustration, page layout and web authoring solution for just $149, now in its 14th year!

IDG 'gracefully' backed down from trying to hijack the name for their expo in NYC:

IDG World Expo Announces Name Change for Summer 2003 Event

Rob ( April 22, 2003 04:15:59 PM

Neat-o. Woulda been fun if they'd maintained the name for event but given you a free booth or something! :)
All's well...
Joel Dabrowski ( April 22, 2003 08:52:03 PM

Well, score one for the little guy. I suppose it's too bad that Stone Design didn't get a little attention for this, though lawyer stuff isn't the way you might want to get attention with either. Still, is there such a thing as bad press? ;-) Too bad you couldn't offer to deliver the keynote yourself. :-)
Whoops! I'll have to stop doing that then
coyote ( April 22, 2003 10:38:42 PM

I use to Create, but now I'll have to settle for just 'Produce'ing. I wonder if I can copyright that?
No shit! Let's have some fun...
ghoulish ( April 24, 2003 05:39:52 AM

I am trademarking other words in the english dictionary... Here ya go, how's this? And(TM). Or (TM). You all of a sudden can't program without paying me! Even better yet, tomorrow i'm heading off to see my lawyer to register corporation(R). If you can register Create, i'm sure i can come up with some other ass-hat idea better than you! I hate fuckers like you... Come up with an orignal name or word to trademark people!
I'm goin' for the jugular.
chzplz ( April 24, 2003 10:23:26 AM

A tad reactionary?
Joel Dabrowski ( April 24, 2003 01:21:02 PM

People gotta relax. I'm assuming that you've read the cynical blurb at MacSlash and have assumed something much more sinister is going on. I read it too, and thought "where is this person coming from?" I think the cynicism is unwarranted. This is after all, trademark protection, the law. If you don't protect it, you lose it (future attempts to protect the trademark would be much more difficult if not impossible), and then where would a smaller developer be without intellectual rights? So, considering the obligation to protect the trademark, and considering this conference targeted Mac users that use graphics software, this seems like a fair context to enforce the trademark. IDG could have just as easily challenged Stone in court over dilution of trademark/generic brand, like "aspirin," and God knows they have the resources.

Also note that Stone didn't make money with this decision. :-)
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Kris Jensen

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