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Adding Bates Stamping - via applescript of course!
March 19, 2003

A client wondered if StampInStone did "Bates Stamping" - ie each page would get a number like: 100001, 100002, 100003, etc.

The solution is simple - just use Create and it's built in AppleScript abilities! In fact, this is a good solution when you want page numbers that do NOT correspond with the position of the page in the document (for example, your page 1 is not numbered, and page 2 is what you want to call page 1).

Here you go:

set startnum to 10000

tell application "Create"

tell the front document

repeat with i from 1 to pagecount

tell page i

set j to i + startnum as text


make new text area at before graphic 1 with properties {x position:519, y position:24, width:82, height:17, rotation:0.0, scale x:1.0, scale y:1.0, shear x:0.0, shear y:1.0, flip horizontal:0, flip vertical:0, locked:0, antialias:0, text contents:j}

set the font of the text contents of text area 1 to "Helvetica"

set the size of the text contents of text area 1 to 8

set the color of the text contents of text area 1 to "0.000000 0.000000 0.000000"


end tell

end repeat

end tell

end tell

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Kris Jensen

I'm sorry, but we've had to disable comments due to overwhelming spam.
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