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Create 11.0 Ships - with cool new drop shadows
March 03, 2003

03/03/03 - The Triple Whammy Day!

We just shipped Create 11.0 (free upgrades for current owners, of course!).

What's especially cool is the new Drop Shadows feature, which adds fuzzy drop shadows to any text, image or graphic:

Also super-cool is the new PStill which lets you print from any application directly to PStill to shrink or repurpose the PDF.

Find out more here or read the press release.

Drop Shadows... Well done!
Phil Kahn ( March 3, 2003 07:33:14 PM

I just updated... and this has to be easiest, most flexible and most intuitive implementation of 'drop shadows' I've seen. Nicely done! I'll definitely be making use of this.
PStill 2.6 and PDF workflow rocks!
Joel ( March 4, 2003 07:24:51 PM

(Sorry for the long post)

When I heard about the new PDF workflow Apple enabled in 10.2.4, I dropped a few apps like Create and PStill in the PDF Services folder, and started to learn a little Applescript. Now that PStill can save preference presets per folder, It's a pretty complete multi-platform workflow tool. I've set up folders for prepress, CD/screen viewing and e-mail using PStill's default preference presets, and dragged their aliases into my PDF Services folder.

For the e-mail folder, I enabled folder actions and attached the following Applescrit to it. So whenever I choose "Send repurposed PDF via Mail" from the print dialog, it automatically compresses the PDF and opens a new e-mail with the file attached:

on adding folder items to this_folder after receiving these_items
tell application "Mail"
set the new_message to
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